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Gautrain, South Africa

Traction technologies from ABB are powering South Africa’s new high-speed railway

The 80-kilometer Gautrain Rapid Rail Link brings high-speed commuting to Gauteng province, the smallest of the country’s nine provinces, but the most important economically and the most densely populated.

ABB played a vital role in the project by providing advanced traction solutions to power the entire line.

The power to the line solution comprises one main feeder substation, which steps down power from the national grid to the traction voltage, and five autotransformer paralleling substations located at intervals along the track.

The entire ABB solution is designed with exceptionally high levels of reliability, redundancy and safety to ensure highest availability. The equipment has to withstand exposure to pollutants, high levels of seismic as well as lightning activity, and operate within a large temperature range at high altitude.

Main data

Commissioning year: 2011
Supply voltage:
88 kV, 50 Hz
Traction system:
2 AC
Traction voltage:
25-0-25 kV
Installed power:
150 MVA
High-speed line

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