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HVDC reference projects videos
HVDC technology videos
Dogger Bank - Connecting the world’s largest offshore wind farm to UK grid

HVDC Light® converter systems will connect offshore wind farms in the Dogger Bank region of the North Sea to the UK transmission network. It is the first ever use of HVDC for connecting offshore wind farms in U.K.

LitPol Link – Securing power supply in the Baltic Region

LitPol, a 500-megawatt, “back-to-back” HVDC link, interconnects the power grids of Lithuania and Poland. The interconnection enables electricity to be traded between the two countries.

HVDC Maritime Link enables exchange of clean power

The 500 MW HVDC link enables transmission of renewable energy from Newfoundland and Labrador to the North American grid in Nova Scotia. It is the first bipolar configuration of its kind in the world using VSC.

World’s first 1100 kV UHVDC transformer passes stringent tests

ABB writes next chapter in electrical history as transformers and key equipment for world’s first 1,100 kilovolt (kV) project in China pass stringent tests.

ABB delivers DolWin2 wind connection

DolWin2 HVDC transmission link connects 3 offshore wind farms in the North Sea to the Germany’s mainland grid. The 916 MW link deploys ABB’s HVDC Light® technology and includes a 320 kV converter station.

ABB’s UHVDC link capable of bringing electricity to 80 million people in India

Raigarh-Pugalur 800 kV UHVDC link. The 1,830 kilometer transmission line transmits power between central and southern India, partly from wind energy sources.

HVDC Light black-start demonstration

Linking the Åland islands and mainland Finland, ABB's HVDC link provides reliable power to the 29,000 residents. ABB’s ‘black-start’ system tests showed that power restoration after a complete blackout can take just fractions of a second.

Pacific Intertie – Celilo Upgrade

From 1965, ABB has helped build this critical power transmission system, integrating renewable hydro-power from the Pacific Northwest.

Skagerrak HVDC system

An excellent example of the benefits that can be achieved through the interconnection of electric grids. The system transmits power between the mainly hydroelectric-based Norwegian system and the wind and thermal power-based Danish system.

North-East Agra infographic video

The 800-kilovolt North-East Agra ultrahigh-voltage direct current (UHVDC) link will transmit clean hydroelectric power, equivalent to the generation of eight large power plants, from India's northeast region to the city of Agra, a distance of 1,728 kilometers.

North-East Agra

ABB to power “superhighway” bringing electricity to millions in India.
UHVDC transmission is a development of HVDC, a preferred solution to transmit large amounts of power over long distances to high consumption centers with minimum losses.

DolWin beta

ABB installs Dolwin beta - world's most powerful offshore converter platform in the North Sea. The 320-kilovolt converter station, housed on an offshore platform, has a 916 megawatts (MW) power transmission capacity.

DolWin beta sailout

DolWin beta platform sails out on Aug 1, 2015 from Haugesund, Norway on its way to the German North Sea. It will house the converter station for the DolWin2 HVDC link being executed by ABB.

NordLink infographic video

Stretching over 623 kilometers, the NordLink HVDC system between Norway and Germany is Europe’s longest HVDC interconnection.


ABB to link Norwegian and German power grids.
The link permits Germany to integrate more volatile renewable energy into the grid and to use Norway’s hydropower as backup when needed.

East West Interconnector

A 500-megawatt HVDC Light (VSC) transmission interconnection that links the Irish and U.K. grids, enabling cross-border power flows and enhancing grid reliability and security of electricity supplies. The East West Interconnector includes a 262 km high voltage cable link of which 186 km runs subsea.

East West Interconnector

Loading of the high voltage cable for the project EirGrid East West Interconnector (EWIP) that took place in April 2012 in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Brazil-Argentina HVDC Interconnection

This HVDC back-to-back station located between Brazil and Argentina involved considerable innovation in manufacturing and construction techniques for both transmission lines and converter station.

BorWin 1

Connecting 400-megawatt (MW) Borkum-2 park using its innovative and environmentally friendly HVDC Light transmission technology. Located more than 100 kilometers off the German coast in the North Sea, it is be the most remote wind farm in the world.


The first interconnection between the power grids of the Baltic and Nordic regions, was inaugurated in 2006. ABB designed, built and installed the 105-kilometer (65-mile) link using its HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current) Light technology.

Power from shore

In 2002, ABB was awarded the first project in the world for offshore transmission with HVDC from Statoil, Norway. ABB supplied the offshore power transmission system, and was asked to design, build and install a compression module for Statoil's Troll A gas platform in the North Sea.

Gotland - the world's first HVDC Light project

The push for renewable forms of energy has brought wind power plants to southern Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. The transmission link between the southern part of Gotland and the city of Visby is rated 50 MW and was put into operation in June 1999.


The first commercial HVDC Light project.

CIGRE Canada: Maintaining reliability and availability of HVDC systems

Urban Elgqvist, Service Marketing Manager, discusses HVDC service and lifecycle management and how using predictive and condition based maintenance prevents faults and maximizes reliability of the grid.

The evolution of HVDC Light

20 years ago, ABB pioneered another breakthrough: HVDC Light®. Today, the latest offering brings significant enhancements and benefits to customers.

ABB writes the next chapter in pioneering HVDC technology

The latest innovations double power capacity (to 3,000 MW) and distance capability (to 2000 km) with a higher voltage of up to 640 kV and a further reduction in transmission losses.

HVDC Light black-start demonstration

Linking the Åland islands and mainland Finland, ABB's HVDC link provides reliable power to the 29,000 residents. ABB’s ‘black-start’ system tests showed that power restoration after a complete blackout can take just fractions of a second, so fast that the outage isn't even noticed.

ABB celebrates 60 years of HVDC

Magnus Callavik - Technology Manager, Grid Systems, ABB

HVDC Light - invisible on the map

In many places worldwide there is a need to transmit more electricity but overhead lines are not welcome. The solution is going underground and under water with cables and this is possible with HVDC Light. Look at three good examples

Hybrid HVDC breaker

How ABB's Hybrid HVDC breaker will help to execute the European Grid vision of optimising the reliability of the power network to help meet ever increasing energy demands.

800 kV UHVDC

Long distances between the energy source and the places where the energy is needed are common in the world. ABB developed Ultra High Voltage Direct Current (UHVDC) to be a solution to this problem. The first project to use the ±800 kV transmission was the Xiangjiaba-Shanghai project in China.

How ABB enables the DC grid of the future

With HVDC, remote renewable energy such as solar and offshore wind can reach cities and industries thousands of kilometers away. Recently ABB solved a 100-year-old electrical engineering puzzle that will pave the way for a more efficient and reliable electricity supply system.

Shaping the grid of the future

How a DC grid will help deliver more power with less environmental impact.

Innovations in DC Technology

With power generation, grids and networks constantly expanding, the need for additional efficient and environmentally friendly power has never been greater. Technologies based on direct current (DC) power can dramatically improve efficiency in many applications.

Direct current is powering the grid of the future

The world's electricity networks run on alternating current (AC), but as the power grid expands and grows more complex, DC power is increasingly in demand, both to integrate renewables and to provide fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles and other essential equipment.

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