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One of the most remote offshore wind farm clusters in the world is connected to the German grid by a 400 MW +/-150 kV HVDC Light® transmission system from ABB.

The German utility, TenneT  (formerly transpower stromübertragungs gmbh, a subsidiary of E.ON which owned and operated E.ON`s extra high-voltage transmission network), awarded ABB a contract to build a transmission link to deliver power from the world’s most remotest offshore wind farm to the German grid.

The wind farm is called BARD Offshore 1, a project of BARD Engineering GmbH, and consists of 80 wind generators rated at 5 MW each, located about 130 km off the German coast in the North Sea. Wind-generated power is fed into a 36 kV AC cable system and transformed on site at an offshore HVDC Light® converter station. At the other end of the transmission is an onshore converter station at Diele 75 km from the German coast, where the power is received and injected into the German 380 kV grid.

The BorWin1 HVDC Light® system is self-commutated, based on power transistors (IGBT) to improve harmonic performance and reduce space requirements, and uses lightweight, ecofriendly polymer cables. Featuring low electromagnetic fields, oil-free cables and compact converter stations, the HVDC Light® system cuts transmission losses by 25 percent in comparison to a similar AC link.

ABB was responsible for system engineering including design, supply and installation of the offshore converter, sea and land cable systems and the onshore converter.  Cables were laid underwater and underground to minimize environmental impact. 

Main data

Commissioning year: 2015
Power rating: 400 MW
No of circuits: 1
AC Voltage: 170 kV (Platform BorWin alpha),
380 kV (Diele)
DC Voltage: ±150 kV
Length of DC underground cable: 2 x 75 km
Length of DC submarine cable: 2 x 125 km
Main reason for choosing HVDC Light®: Length of land and sea cables
Application: Offshore wind connections

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