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SwePol Link

The 600 MW 450 kV HVDC subsea interconnection between Sweden and Poland is owned by the Swedish national grid operator, Svenska Kraftnat, and PSE-Operator S.A., operator of the Polish national grid. The converter stations as well as the cables were a turnkey delivery by ABB.

The link is a further step towards the integration of power systems in the countries of the Baltic region. It enables cross-border power exchanges in both directions to help meet the variable electricity demands in each country, and utilizes the overall power generation capacity of the region more efficiently.

The transmission is a monopolar design with a metallic current return (MCR) cable forming a closed current loop. Unlike previous installations depending on electrode stations to transmit current underground or under water, SwePol's two MCR cables together with the single HVDC cable provides a completely closed HVDC cable system.

Underground cable stretches 2 km from the Stärno HVDC station to Sweden's southern Baltic Sea coast, then crosses 240 km of sea bed before coming ashore in Poland near Ustka. Here it is underground for another 13 km until it reaches the Bruskowo Wielkie HVDC station in northern Poland.

To control, monitor and supervise the operation of the SwePol Link, an advanced MACH control system is installed at each station. Telecommunication between stations is operated through one dedicated, leased line and a back-up, dial-up channel. SwePol began commercial operations in August 2000.

Main data

Commissioning year: 2000
Power rating: 600 MW
No. of poles: 1
AC voltage: 400 kV (both ends)
DC voltage: 450 kV
Length of DC submarine cable route: 239 km
Length of DC land cable route: 15 km

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