Things you may not know about ABB

ABB i-bus® KNX automation technology provides energy efficiency, comfort and safety in each of the 499 guest rooms of the innovative Yas Marina hotel in Abu Dhabi

ABB i-bus® KNX system increases energy efficiency in the CIRCA on Jellicoe art gallery in Johannesburg, by controlling multiple types of lights and using motion detection sensors

ABB technologies are installed in the world’s second-largest hydroelectric power station in Itaipu on the Brazil-Paraguay border

ABB has built the world’s most powerful battery storage system providing emergency power in Alaska

ABB’s FACTS SVC technology has improved the efficiency of the entire South African grid

ABB’s power and automation technologies run the world’s largest paper-mill in Belgium

ABB motors and drives solution helps move skiers safely up the Alps

ABB technologies propel the world’s largest cruise ship across the globe

ABB has built the world's longest UHVDC link to create a 2,000 km power superhighway in China

ABB control system helps optimize performance of Spain’s largest solar plant

ABB has delivered the world’s most powerful gearless mill drives to copper mill in Sweden

ABB has built the world’s longest underwater HVDC link between Norway and Netherlands

ABB has built the world’s highest substation to power the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai

ABB's Azipod® propulsion system can rotate 360° on its axis enabling smooth sailing at high seas

ABB’s medium voltage switchgear and substation technologies powered India's first barge mounted substation

ABB automation technologies control the world's largest paper-making machine

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