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ABB Turbocharging in Telford showcases upgraded Service Station

After undergoing an extensive upgrade of its facilities in Telford, the ABB Turbocharging Service Station opened its doors to welcome 30 customers who regularly use the facility. During the Telford Open Day on 20th September 2018, the attendees were treated to a tour of the new and improved facilities.

Some of the highlights of the upgrade include additional cleaning facilities as well as the isolation of the cleaning processes from the measuring and assembly areas to prevent contamination of critical turbocharger components.

Sophie Madeley, Manager of ABB Turbocharging UK explains: “Over 800 turbochargers came through the Telford facility in 2017 with a similar number foreseen in 2018. With this extensive refurb we are now in a position to invest in and store “exchange turbochargers” to ensure even quicker turnarounds for our customers.”

In addition to improving the service facilities for turbochargers, the upgrade also covered major improvements in the welfare and office areas for all the staff.

Informative and immersive Points of Interests

Additional highlights of the Open Day events were the Points of Interests set up to both inform and entertain the attendees. There were two Points of Interests: “OEM Parts” and “Technology”.

Point of Interest - Technology

This section showcased a cutaway model of our A140-M turbocharger. The major highlight of this areas was the immersive experience the visitors had from using the mixed reality (MR) HoloLens device. 
Customers were able to take an MXP turbocharger apart in this virtual environment. This section also featured interactive infographics
and calculators on a 42” touchscreen.

Point of Interest - OEM Parts

In this area, Julian Withers, Regional Technical Manager, highlighted the importance of using genuine ABB parts, demonstrating possible consequences of not using OEM parts.
A 42” touchscreen showing TurboAid, an application that calculates the effects on performance when material or dimensions of parts are incorrect.

In four dedicated seminars, attendees received insights into solutions and best practices for optimizing operations:

  • Turbocharging Technologies: Review, Outlook and Operational Challenges by Boris Willneff, Snr Manager OEM Sales & Application Engineering, ABB Turbo Systems Switzerland.

  • Tekomar XPERT – Engine Diagnostics and advisory Software by Tor Bjarne Dale, Sales Manager – Tekomar Solutions, ABB Turbocharging Scandinavia.

  • Effects of fuel exhaust gases on different turbocharger components, by Julian Withers, Regional Technical Manager, ABB Turbocharging UK.

  • Balancing Demo and explanation in the workshop by Rob Wegner, Workshop Manager.
Four dedicated seminars

Best practices for optimizing operations

Four dedicated seminars

Best practices for optimizing operations

Four dedicated seminars

Best practices for optimizing operations

Four dedicated seminars

Best practices for optimizing operations

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