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ABB Turbocharging at the 28th CIMAC Congress in Helsinki

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Newest turbocharger, technical presentations, and advanced applications presented at CIMAC Congress by ABB Turbocharging

From June 6-10, ABB Turbocharging joined the global leaders and influencers of the internal combustion engine industry, at the 28th CIMAC World Congress, held at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland with the theme: ‘Meeting the Future of Combustion Engines’. To view all ABB photographs click here.

ABB Turbocharging continued its long-running role as a major sponsor of the Congress and as an exhibitor.  The latest turbocharging product was also launched to attendees and to media: MXP® the company’s first dedicated turbocharger designed for marine auxiliary engines in cooperation with development partner, IHI Corporation. 

This new segment-dedicated product was also the subject of a technical presentation on Monday June 6.  In addition, ABB Turbocharging representatives presented six further papers on a variety of topics covering the marine, power and rail industries: ‘New single-stage turbocharger for large high speed diesel engines’, ‘Embedded turbocharger performance monitoring’, ‘Valve control management and Power2® - the answers to highly demanding diesel engines?’, Power2® - is 2-stage turbocharging interesting for 2-stroke engines?’, ‘OHS – noise reduction in engine rooms on board ships’, ‘Turbocharging system optimization for Kolomna D500 newly designed engine platform’.

A particular highlight of the week was the renowned ABB Evening on Tuesday June 7.  Nearly 800 Congress attendees were invited to experience a fire and ice themed networking event at a harbor-side location in Helsinki.  Guests were treated to a surprise tour of a Finnish owned icebreaking vessel, named Otso.  In operation, for over 30 years, the reliability, efficiency and safe operation of ABB turbochargers were perfectly represented. The evening also showcased latest turbocharging technology with A100-M turbochargers and other ABB marine technology presented on Polaris, the world’s first LNG powered icebreaker owned by the Finnish Transport Agency. Recently delivered and currently on sea trials, it is the most advanced and environmentally-friendly icebreaker in operation.

ABB Turbocharging Sessions at CIMAC, Helsinki 2016

See detailed agenda of ABB Turbocharging sessions. Don't miss any of the
transformational technology insights to be presented by our technology experts.

Date  Time  Room  Presenter   Paper
Monday, June 6  13:30 – 15:00 MTU Room (Hall B)  Michael Gisiger  New single-stage turbocharger for large high speed diesel engines 
    MTU Room (Hall B) Joel Schlienger Radial Turbocharger for small bore Marine Auxiliary Engines 
Monday, June 6 15:30 – 17:00 MTU Room (Hall B)  Christoph Mathey  Valve Control Management and Power2® - the Answers to Highly Demanding Diesel Engine Applications
    MTU Room (Hall B)  Raphael Ryser  Power2® – Is 2-Stage Turbocharging Interesting for 2-Stroke Engines? 
Wednesday, June 8  09:00 – 10:30 AVL Room (Veranda 4) Michael Daiber  Embedded Turbocharger Performance Monitoring
    Wärtsilä Room (Helsinki Hall)  Markus Laaksonen  Turbocharging System Optimization for Kolomna D500 Newly Designed Engine Platform 
June 9
13:30 – 15:00 Wärtsilä Room (Helsinki Hall)  René Hunziker  OHS – Noise Reduction in Engine Rooms on Board Ships

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