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Q&A with Herbert Müller, Global Head of Service, ABB Turbocharging

After one year of heading the Service organization at ABB Turbocharging, Herbert Müller shares some insights into his overall strategy for adding value to customers’ operations in a Q&A. He also talks about his vision for the future and how his passion for golf applies to his business philosophy.

Reflecting on the most important decisions he made on his first 100 days, Herbert Müller says transitioning from transactional business practices to a collaborative partnership, where his organization actively supports customers to optimize operations and drive overall efficiency and productivity has been the most important and successful step he has taken.

Herbi as colleagues love to call him, confirms that the current market volatility is posing a challenge in finding advocates for innovative collaborations and new ways of doing business. On the bright side, the positive feedback from customers about the performance of the ABB Turbocharging Service organization gives him a strong sense of fulfilment and makes his challenging job quite enjoyable.

Talking about what makes an excellent business relationship and the key ingredient for a successful service-oriented business, Herbie emphasizes the importance of listening to customers to understand their specific needs in order to offer them exactly what they need. He also underlines the importance of trust which he says can only be gained over years of repeated positive performance.

Herbi also talks about preventive maintenance as a means of optimizing application operations and restoring an equipment to its original state. He also provides some insights into his organization’s aspirations towards predictive maintenance where with the help of big data and industry 4.0, his organization will be able to provide preemptive support, optimizing customers’ operations even further.

In spite of a busy work life, Herbi maintains a healthy work-life balance, being the single Dad of a teenage daughter. He shares some interesting insights about the passions they both share.

What has golf got to do with it? Herbi draws some parallels between playing golf and running a successful Service organization.

Watch the insightful and inspiring Q&A video.