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Customer Part Exchange Program (CPEX)

Maximize availability through exchange

CPEX offers end users of ABB turbochargers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to new turbocharger parts. Building on a selection of  a globally standardized range of high-quality ABB Turbocharging reconditioned parts, CPEX helps our customers to reduce downtimes and lower service costs.

The CPEX program is based on providing our customers easy access to turbocharger parts whenever they need it. When you need a CPEX part for your ABB turbocharger, your local ABB Turbocharging Service Station can exchange your part or assembly for a reconditioned replacement from local stocks or from the ABB global warehouse in Switzerland.

CPEX products

  • TPS shaft
  • TPS bearing casing
  • TPS and TPL VTG module
  • VTR bearing
  • VTR pumps
  • VTR and TPL blades

CPEX benefits

  • Added value from your used ABB turbocharger parts
  • Highest quality reconditioning processes using latest technology
  • Lower turbocharger maintenance costs
  • Minimizing your engine downtime thanks to our 98% spare-part availability
  • ABB parts reliability and operational safety
  • Same warranty as new original spare parts (six-month warranty for original ABB reconditioned parts)
  • 100+ Service Stations in 50+ countries

CPEX process

  1. CPEX order to ABB
  2. Invoice value as 100% of GSP while delivering CPEX part
  3. The used equivalent part has to be sent back to ABB within 3 months
  4. Discount refunded upon receipt of used part 

Are you looking for support or purchase information?

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