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ABB Turbocharging Original Parts

The cornerstone of turbocharger reliability, efficiency and availability.

Protect your investment long-term by choosing original spare parts from your original equipment manufacturer. Rectifying problems due to non-original parts and non-original service can have dire and expensive consequences.

By choosing only ABB Turbocharging Original Parts, you ensure your application’s continuous operational reliability and high efficiency. ABB Original Parts offer the same level of reliability, robustness and low-wear rates designed into every ABB turbocharger. 

Moreover, the composition and properties of all spare parts materials conform to ABB’s own stringent specifications. Indeed, many of the materials are either patented or developed specifically for ABB to ensure a long effective life and high operational safety.

What’s more, our customers can rely on our promise of a 98 percent spare parts availability and a 48-hour worldwide delivery.

Why Original Parts?

Thermodynamic and aero-dynamic efficiency through dimensional accuracy

As in all turbomachinery, the dimensional accuracy of turbocharger components is critical in achieving thermodynamic and aero-dynamic efficiency. Inaccurate parts geometry can translate directly into increased fuel consumption. For example, only the slightest variance in the clearances between compressor and turbine wheels and their adjacent casings can cause a major deterioration in your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. Likewise, steps at joints and rough surface quality on gas and air path parts can affect aerodynamic efficiency by causing turbulence.

Therefore, accurate component geometry and excellent surface condition is vital in the production of new Original Parts. Moreover, during a repair or overhaul, our service engineers take great care to get the best match of tolerances between turbine and compressor wheels and the casings they run in.

For components like turbines, compressor impellers, shafts and casings, the materials of these vital rotating and gas and air path parts are chosen to withstand extreme heat and abrasive particles as well as the highest mechanical stresses.

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The hard truth about non-original parts

The table below shows major areas where inaccurate machining, out-of-specification materials and poor surface finish on gas and air path components can affect turbocharger performance. 

Deviation from ABB Specification  Effect on performance
   efficiency stability  vibration  safe operation interval  containment 
Turbine and compressor geometry

* * * * *
Turbine and compressor material quality

* * * * *
Turbine and compressor surface quality

* * *   *
Casing geometry

* * *    *
Casing material quality

Casing surface quality

* *      
Rotor hub quality

* * *  * *
Shroud thickness

  *      *
Shroud gap

* * *    

Documented failures of non-original parts

  • Millimeters make a huge difference in turbocharger efficiency and operational safety. See why.

  • See our so-called "Rogues gallery" for examples of non-original part consequences. 

Customer reference cases

See how we maintain our unwavering commitment to fast and dependable spare parts delivery worldwide.

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