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Original Service

24/7 worldwide service excellence - We've got you covered

With more than 100 fully owned Service Stations in more than 50 countries worldwide, ABB Turbocharging has the most far-reaching service network in the industry.

By choosing Original Service from ABB Turbocharging, your ABB turbochargers are maintained everywhere you are 24/7, 365 days a year at the highest quality standards they were built. In fact, the sun never sets on the ABB Turbocharging Service Stations, as there is a Service Station always up and ready to support you.

As the designer and developer of the turbocharger and its parts – the so-called Original Equipment Manufacturer or “OEM”, ABB is clearly in the best position to provide the precision parts and expertise needed to keep your ABB turbochargers performing at their best. 

We made it, so we know it. Thanks to our centralized global product database, we can efficiently determine the health of your turbocharger and offer predictive service maintenance so you do not have to suffer any unplanned downtime.

Our meticulously trained service engineers are available to offer you custom maintenance consulting on the most cost-effective way to maintain the peak performance of your applications. 

Contact an ABB Turbocharging Service Station with the form below for your custom consultation.

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Why Original Service?

The benefits of Original Service at a glance

  • 24/7 availability
  • OEM trained technicians at over 100+ Service Stations in 50+ countries
  • 24-hour availability of 98% of all spare parts
  • Rapid problem solving from the most reliable source
  • Minimum downtime
  • Maximum availability
  • Direct, local access to the ABB Turbocharging technology and know-how
  • Solutions based on intimate knowledge of your application and turbocharger

Is non-original service worth the trouble? - Case studies

ABB is often called in to correct turbochargers where the poor dimensional tolerances of non-original parts or poor service repairs have prevented an overhauled or repaired turbocharger from functioning properly. The consequences are often higher repair costs and longer downtimes. Read full stories.

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