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Julian Withers exposes hidden risks in non-ABB sourced turbocharger parts

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Cost saving is critical for Industry operations today. Yet, cost savings exercises need to be done cautiously to avoid expensive mistakes. Especially with essential components, such as turbochargers.

When savings become expensive

ABB Turbocharging UK was called in recently to overhaul an ABB turbocharger, which a customer had purchased from a third-party, non-ABB source.  It had been described as a “refurbished ABB TPS turbocharger”.  What the ABB Service Engineers discovered was a unit in a shocking state. There were issues instantly visible to the naked eye, with many of the parts of the turbocharger being heavily pitted and totally corroded.  Some parts had just been sprayed to look new.

As they stripped the unit down though, things became much more serious.  The bearings highlighted that it had been poorly maintained and some parts were of an incorrect specification.  In addition, the key components of the turbocharger had exceeded the stipulated running hours according to ABB’s safety concept (SIKO).

Failure was unavoidable and with it a situation that could have been life threatening for members of the crew. Plus a huge financial cost not only from the loss of purchasing the unfit turbocharger, but also the added cost of replacing the parts. 

Fit for purpose every time

Parts like nozzle rings, the compressor wheels and turbines must be within tolerance for smooth and safe operations. Out-of-tolerance parts will not only lead to turbocharger failures, they may have catastrophic consequences like knock-on damage on the engine and, in some cases, may lead to injury.  

When you source your turbocharger spare parts from ABB Turbocharging, you purchase trust.  We hold an extensive database of products and their service history with us, to ensure the parts you receive match the original specifications of your turbocharger and its operating environment. 

The database allows us to help you manage the costs of maintenance, thereby reducing future costs.  Linked in with a service plan, this means that you that you have a turbocharger that runs at maximum efficiency within its serviceable life-time.

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