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Hellenic Seaways

Hellenic Seaways

Maximum uptime for Hellenic Seaways with customized service agreement

When choosing a service and maintenance supplier, many factors must be taken into consideration. And when Greek ferry operator Hellenic Seaways chose the newest and most comprehensive service offering from ABB Turbocharging, the Turbo LifecycleCare service agreement, the benefits were clear. The agreement guarantees reliable maintenance of its passenger and freight ferry services in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas.

The true cost of downtime

Hellenic Seaways provides passenger and freight ferry services in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas operating over 20 vessels, which connect a network of over 35 ports in the region. 

Preventing the potential costs associated with vessel downtimes, not only from a reputational and customer service point of view, but also from operational and practical standpoints were therefore top priority. Without a reliable agreement in place, finding a quick solution to get a vessel up and running again takes time and is generally more expensive.

With the volume of traffic in the Hellenic Seaways operating areas, particularly during the high season, any delays in vessel operation can potentially harm the company’s reputation, but also incur unexpected additional costs, due to customer compensation claims and the urgent need to find alternative transport for stranded passengers.

Reputation is paramount when operating services such as those of Hellenic Seaways. When dealing with high volumes of individual consumers, the company’s reputation can be damaged almost instantaneously at the tap of a device with the trend of naming and shaming companies on social media and sending viral messages around the globe. The loss of returning and potential future customers is unquantifiable, a risk which all companies look to avoid.

To maintain maximum availability and the continuous smooth sailing of their vessels, Hellenic Seaways opted for the ABB Turbo LifecycleCare service agreement. The  customized service agreement would provide the uptime guarantee required by Hellenic Seaways and in turn potentially eradicate any downtime costs.

Tailored service agreement for individual customer needs

Fostering a collaborative relationship with customers allows ABB to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ business needs and therefore provide tailored services that address their unique businesses.

ABB worked closely with Hellenic Seaways to develop a tailored package with appropriate maintenance planning that ensures the ferry operators’ services run smoothly. The package takes into consideration the actual operation hours and the equipment scheduling needs of the customer, such as visits to ports, overhauls and peak periods.

Predictable budget and peace of mind

Cost control is a constant issue for operators so long-term agreements offer costs predictability and peace of mind. High performance turbocharging, with predictable maintenance costs removes uncertainties, making Turbo LifecycleCare highly appealing for Hellenic Seaways. However, the benefits go beyond that of predictable spend. These agreements also provide the reassurance that maintenance will be performed quickly and to a high standard. The customized approached to these agreements gives the customer a ‘priority service’, providing a guaranteed timescale for repair which transfers the risk from the operator to the supplier, ABB Turbocharging.

“We have already had experience of a similar maintenance contract with our ship Highspeed VI, where we saw the advantages, such as a stable budget, no surprises throughout the year, immediate reaction from the local ABB team when needed and many others. But what makes the new agreement we recently signed with ABB more attractive is the guarantee that within 20 hours the turbochargers will be back in operation, when unexpected incidents happen.”

Mr. Sotiris Pateromichelakis, Purchasing Manager, Hellenic Seaways
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