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Welcome to Turbo MarineCare

THE SERVICE AGREEMENT FOR: marine customers operating two-stroke engine turbochargers and who need predictability in a changing world.

  • The confidence to stay in financial control and eliminate cost overruns 
  • Hassle-free and efficient turbocharger service during drydock
  • Clarity on turbocharger health through the assessment of operational data 
  • Peace of mind through continuous warranty from drydock to drydock to protect your assets

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Discover a world where you can enjoy peace of mind for your turbochargers

Turbo MarineCare is a data-enabled service agreement for customers seeking financial predictability and the best care for their two-stroke marine engine turbochargers.

For type TPL-B, A100-L and A200-L ABB turbochargers

Available for any size of fleet and newbuilds

With Turbo MarineCare you get fixed maintenance costs and a comprehensive continuous warranty: standard overhaul parts, intermediate inspection, wear and tear parts, unplanned events (including unexpected repairs), labor, waiting and overtime.

The service is fully managed by ABB and provides the best possible experience during its execution.

Clarity on equipment health based on operational data

Turbo MarineCare is powered by real operational data from your turbochargers.
It is directly available from your vessels – no need to install any new equipment.
Armed with the knowledge acquired through the collection and assessment of this data, ABB can:

  • Analyze whether or when the intermediate inspection needs to be performed
  • Deliver early warnings 
  • Assess and protect the rotor health for safe and reliable operations and help optimize OPEX costs (supported by a physical rotor assessment)
  • Provide a comprehensive drydock-to-drydock warranty that makes Turbo MarineCare so valuable


Frequently asked questions

What is Turbo MarineCare and what does it cover?

It is a service agreement tailor made for the marine industry. It provides financial predictability as it covers all service expenses during a dry dock overhaul and additionally gives peace of mind with a warranty from dry dock to dry dock.

What is the requirement for signing a Turbo MarineCare?

It is available for ABB two-stroke engine turbochargers (types A100/A200-L, TPL-B) and the main requirement is that the operational data of the turbocharger is shared with ABB.

Is it required to install any monitoring hardware for this?

No, it is not required to install additional hardware as the sensors for the required data points are already installed and the data can be extracted from the Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS).

What is the value of sharing the data with ABB?

Data will allow us to inform customers in advance about any abnormal operation and provide recommendations for any necessary action that needs to be taken. In addition, it will allow us to grant a continuous warranty from drydock to drydock.
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