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The smart move for higher efficiency and savings

An upgrade is the process of replacing an older generation turbocharger or turbocharging component with a new and improved one. A newer generation turbocharger or component means you can maximize the full potential of your engine to achieve higher operational efficiency and less fuel consumption, while keeping emissions down.  

Upgrading your turbocharger does not only extend the life of your application, but it also increases its performance. We evaluate your application, your current and future needs and provide a tailor-made upgrade project to fit your exact business needs. By matching the latest turbocharger technology with an engine in an iterative process, we ensure an ideal fit for your application.

Our experienced and expert engineers will choose the best approach that offers you the optimum benefit and lowest downtime.

What types of upgrades are available?

  • Upgrading thermodynamic components: Replacing turbocharger components with new and advanced versions.
  • Upgrading the entire turbocharger: Replacing the entire turbocharger with a new one.
  • Retrofits: Replacing a non-ABB turbocharger with an ABB turbocharger for better efficiency and savings.

Is an upgrade the option for you?

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Why upgrade?

Operational benefits

Upgrades increase your application's operational efficiency, power output and overall performance

  • Up to 3% in fuel savings
  • Compliance with latest emission regulations
  • Lower investments compared to new buildings
  • Longer time between overhauls
  • No-risk technical improvements
  • Lower thermal stress and longer component lifetime

Technical benefits

  • Significantly higher  turbocharger efficiency
  • Higher speed margin
  • Lower engine exhaust temperature
  • Lower thermal stress and fatigue
  • Better aerodynamics
  • Greater flexibility in varying environments conditions
  • Greater tolerance for deviation
  • Less contamination 

Big improvements with short payback times

The math around calculating whether or not an upgrade makes sense for you is simple:

With an overhaul, you stand to improve fuel consumption by about 0.5%. With an ABB turbocharging upgrade package, you improve your installation with new parts made specifically for your machine and you save up to 3% in fuel so that the upgrade essentially pays for itself.

The return on investment for an upgrade is typically three years and may even be less. That’s a comparatively short time, especially when you consider that your equipment will be able to run economically for another ten or fifteen years thanks to the upgrade. And if you choose to do an upgrade together with an ABB Turbocharging SIKO exchange, then your payback can be as little as 12 months.

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