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How upgrading your engine can result in higher efficiency and savings

Engine components wear out, become outdated over time or do not meet operational demands anymore. This is where upgrades can make a huge difference, and newer generation turbochargers or components paired with adapted engine tuning are among the most effective upgrades available for your existing applications.

With a turbocharger upgrade, you can maximise the potential of your engine, achieving higher operational efficiency with lower fuel consumption. Newer components are also an effective way of keeping emissions down and increasing overall system performance, benefitting your business on multiple levels.

What types of turbocharger upgrades are available?

  • Upgrading thermodynamic components: Replacing turbocharger components with new and more advanced versions.

  • Upgrading the entire turbocharger: Replacing the entire turbocharger with a new one.

  • Retrofits: Replacing a non-ABB turbocharger with an ABB turbocharger for better efficiency and savings.

ABB Turbocharging also provides engine upgrades that can make a huge difference to the operational efficiency of your engine, saving your company costs where it matters most. During the upgrade, we take care of everything required.

What engine upgrades do we offer?

  • Engine part-load optimization: Matching your engine tuning to new operational demands to achieve further savings on fuel, increased reliability and lower GHG emissions.

  • Tekomar CYLUBE: Upgrading your mechanically controlled cylinder lubrication system with state-of-the-art technology to achieve significant cylinder lube oil savings and increase reliability.


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