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Two-stage turbocharging solution for highest turbocharging efficiency

Power2 is ABB Turbocharging’s dedicated two-stage turbocharging system designed to set new standards in turbocharging performance. With an air pressure of up to 12 and turbocharging efficiency above 75 percent, compared to 65 percent efficiency of a conventional turbocharger, Power2 is undoubtedly the most powerful energy multiplicator for four-stroke engines. The turbocharging efficiency of Power2 easily translates into a yearly six figure savings in fuel and significant cuts in emissions – up to 60 percent less NOx emissions.

Power2-800 M, the second generation of Power2 is not only the most efficient four-stroke turbocharger yet to be experienced, it is also the most compact turbocharger of its kind. Space is a premium in the engine room and with this in mind, we designed Power2 to take up minimal space. This two-stage turbocharging system is 20 percent more compact than conventional two-stage turbocharging solutions.

ABB Turbocharging, pushed the boundaries even further to ensure that its two-stage turbocharging solution, Power2-800M offers customers optimum return on investment by making service and maintenance easier and cheaper. Power2-800M comes with an extractable cartridge that can be easily serviced in just two steps as opposed to a previous six-step process. This means shorter service downtime and lower service costs.

Combined with ABB Turbocharging's efficiency boosting technology, Valve Control Management (VCM), application owners can step up the Power2 efficiency level higher, up to 80%. Learn more about VCM

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Power2 benefits at a glance

Operational benefits

  • Possible fuel saving potential beyond 10 g/kWh 
  • Up to 60% less NOx emissions
  • Least space requirement – 20 percent more compact than similar 2-stage turbochargers
  • 2-step retractable cartridge means 30 percent less overhaul time 
  • Fuel flexibility – supports dual fuel engines – operators can choose the fuel that is most appropriate for them. 

Technical benefits

  • Increased power density due to full utilization of the advantages of two-stage turbocharging for four-stroke engines, by employing miller timing 
  • Transcends the limits of single-stage turbocharging
  • Pressure ratio up to 12
  • Turbocharging efficiency above 75 percent
  • More than 30 bar bmep 
  • Transient superior in combination with variable valve timing (VVT)

Power2 in operation - reference cases

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