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Power2 for rail

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Power2 technology now available for rail industry.

ABB’s Power2 technology has been enhanced for use in the toughest rail applications. Now compact in size for optimal use in the rail sector, the outer dimensions of Power2 have been minimized while the swallowing capacity of the machines has been maintained. Closer attention has also been paid to enhancing the design for serviceability. Power2 for locomotives is also durable and optimized for cyclical applications in order to fit to railway overhaul schedule.


Installed as a three-turbocharger configuration, it’s size to performance ratio is up to 25% lower than four-turbocharger two-stage solutions. The technology delivers unrivalled flexibility with guaranteed consistent operational performance over the large range of ambient conditions in which locomotives are required to operate. For example, the system can support engines to generate 80% power at altitudes as high as 4000m above sea level, and in temperature variants of -40°C to +40°C, without users having to de-rate the engine. 

Power2 for rail

The latest two-stage turbocharging solution for locomotive applications

Power2 for rail benefits at a glance

Highest flexibility and reduced emissions

Two-stage turbocharging allows for wide operation range:

  • Operating optimally from sea level up to highest altitude, maintaining operation at 80% power at 4,000m
  • No derating from –40°C to +40°C
  • Highest flexibility, reduced emissions and wide operation range Tier III compliance with up to 6% fuel savings compared to one-stage solutions
  • Ideal setup for Tier IV compliance at reduced SCR size and urea consumption requirement

A compact solution

Three-turbocharger solution allows compact packaging to support standard locomotives:

  • Optimized to keep axle load within limits of given locomotive concepts
  • Weight 15%-25% lower than conventional two-stage solutions
  • Packaging space up to 25% lower than conventional two-stage solutions

Enables optimal maintenance

Turbocharger maintenance intervals aligned with major engine overhauls due to extended Time Between Overhauls by:

  • Components optimized for high-cyclical applications
  • Reduced turbocharger complexity enabling highest durability

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