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Tekomar XPERT

All you need to improve performance and save fuel

Tekomar XPERT 3.0

Discover the new and enhanced Tekomar XPERT 3.0

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Tekomar XPERT is designed to guide operators in running their engines at optimum levels of efficiency without compromising on engine reliability.

Tekomar XPERT, a performance evaluation software solution, is the new addition to ABB’s digital portfolio. XPERT evaluates engine performance accurately, and quantifies deviations and potential fuel oil savings. With the information from XPERT and the inherent intelligence of the software, operators receive accurate advice on how to optimize for performance.

The engine analytics and advisory system - Tekomar XPERT - targeted at two-stroke main engines and auxiliary engine applications enables ship operators to know more about their vessel operations and achieve more from their fleet for better business performance.

Rectify, optimize and save

Accurate advice on engine adjustments and maintenance lead to optimal engine performance. Operators are thus able to benefit from actionable insights and specific recommendations for maintaining and improving engine performance and reduced operational costs.

This results in significant fuel savings of typically 0.5 to 3 tons of fuel per day, per vessel.

Smart operations with Tekomar XPERT

  • Instant analysis and specific advice on how to reduce fuel oil consumption
  • Consequential reduction of environmental footprint
  • Accurate power estimation
  • Reduce workload for crew
  • Connectivity to existing and new data systems
  • Transparency and comparison of equipment across entire fleet
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