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Valve Control Management (VCM)

Turbocharging technology that takes you from idling to full load twice as fast

Valve Control Management, or VCM®, is an electro-hydraulic, cam-supported variable valve train system for four-stroke engines. VCM responds adaptively to change the valve timing so that an engine always receives an ideal amount of air at any load, speed or both.

Conventional mechanical valve train systems are designed for a particular engine load and so never fully leverage the engine’s full potential. VCM, on the other hand, helps an engine to manage air more adaptively so that an engine can perform as effectively as possible at different speeds, loads and environments.

VCM can take a turbocharged engine from idling to full load in half the usual time – in some cases even more quickly. VCM increases engine efficiency, particularly with gas engines on baseload applications. VCM offers new options for higher-performance engines that need either a wide range of operation or a fast load response, such as on tugboats, off-highway trucks, gas compressors and emergency power generators.

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