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Tekomar XPERT

Cost savings with optimal fleet performance

Want to save time and money? Tekomar XPERT, part of the ABB AbilityTM portfolio, delivers faster access to data that enables enhanced fleet performance, 24/7.

High fuel costs and regulatory changes advocating more sustainable shipping practices are pressures for operators focusing on fleet performance and profitability.

Tekomar XPERT, part of the comprehensive ABB AbilityTM digital portfolio that extends from device to edge to cloud, is a performance evaluation software designed for ultimate convenience and cost efficiency.
“XPERT is a versatile and intelligent tool, offering an excellent value proposition at a time operators are seeking to mitigate higher fuel prices and focus on sustainability, as well as profits,” said Beat Güttinger, Head of Tekomar at ABB Turbocharging.

“The digital solution saves fleet operators time and money, by minimizing unnecessary fuel costs and reducing the environmental footprint of a shipping fleet.”

XPERT, which has recently been upgraded, analyzes the performance of any two-stroke diesel main engine, any auxiliary engine and any turbocharger. “It monitors turbochargers from ABB and elsewhere, providing the best solution whatever the configuration found on a vessel,” explained Mr Güttinger.
Advanced analytics are aligned to specific customer requirements, ensuring that customers’ unique needs are met.

XPERT is already on more than 1,000 ships. Improvements such as a dynamic new interface for opti-mal fleet analysis and assessment are offered as part of the upgrade, which ABB Turbocharging is launching at Posidonia 2018. 
“Whether an operator oversees five ships or many more as part of a global fleet, XPERT offers them intrinsic benefits,” said Mr Güttinger. The upgrade enhances the overall software offering, with popular existing features kept for consistency complemented by user-focused improvements.

“ABB Turbocharging is investing in XPERT as a strategic solution for performance analysis for the maritime industry,” said Mr Güttinger.

Saving fuel 24/7: how it works

Various ways exist to optimize the performance of a fleet. Some common solutions include slow steaming, weather routing, a design change of the hull or modifying propellers. A key contributor to fuel savings is often overlooked: the engine. Imagine you could identify the reasons for sub-par engine performance at a glance, or precisely quantify an engine's optimisation potential and scope for total propulsion performance. Tekomar XPERT does just this, offering smart suggestions for retuning, adjusting and maintaining a vessel's main and auxiliary engines. The result is total peace of mind for customers, with cost savings, connectivity and reliability for sustained peak fleet performance.