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ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT for power plants

Performance optimization with Tekomar XPERT

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What can Tekomar XPERT do for you?

Tekomar XPERT gives you the power to optimize your operation

Operational efficiency, Availability, Productivity
Tekomar XPERT diagnostic software is a unique software solution for simple and effective engine performance management across your power plants. Tekomar XPERT provides instant performance and advisory data, and accurately evaluates deviations in engine performance to identify potential faults and maximize uptime.

Benchmark and compare performance across your plant operations with Tekomar XPERT. Empower your local teams with instant recommendations and guidance to optimize the performance, efficiency, and maintenance levels of every engine in your power plant.

Tekomar XPERT’s instant advisory software evaluates against key performance indicators to enable power plant operators to quantify deviations in engine performance, allowing you to reduce fuel costs and emissions across your business.

Safely manage plant operations with Tekomar XPERT efficiency

High availability, cost efficiency, reduce maintenance
Tekomar XPERT’s reliable and transparent solutions for engine optimization drive improved availability and reduced maintenance costs by predicting failures and providing detailed advisory on servicing required. With Tekomar XPERT diagnostic software for power plants, you will have the instant quantification of diagnostics and accurate advisory data to efficiently manage maintenance in the most cost-effective way.

Purpose built, easy-to-use desktop and web apps from Tekomar XPERT for power plants give you complete sight of on-site plant operations through easy reporting and decision support.

Accurate, instant advice with Tekomar XPERT

Maximize your uptime
Optimizing the performance of your diesel generators has never been simpler and more effective. Tekomar XPERT gives you the detailed information and targeted solutions you need to maximize engine up-time in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Tekomar XPERT gives you the power of a simple and unified view of essential performance data, where you need it. Automated reporting across all performance data, and against set benchmarks, helps to facilitate efficient decision making on all maintenance activities. With the option of automated collection of operational data, Tekomar XPERT provides detailed insight in the most cost-effective, efficient way.

Tekomar XPERT delivers:
• Desktop application with automated data import and reporting options
• Intuitive web app for accessing diagnostics while you work
• Ability to optimally plan maintenance activities based on performance
• Standardized engine performance analysis
• Engine advisory data independent of brand and engine type
• Significant fuel savings from optimized performance

Tekomar XPERT’s precise advisory and easy benchmarking allows you to protect availability by failure detection while minimizing cost and maximizing efficiency.

Tekomar XPERT Desktop provides:

  • Data input for your maintenance teams
  • Easy data import from third party devices and monitoring systems
  • Real data evaluation of engine performance against FAT reference values (baseline performance)
  • Instant qualification of fuel saving potential
  • Specific performance improvement advice

Tekomar XPERT Web App gives you:

  • Simple, accessible view of data on any device through a web browser
  • A clear view of historic trends across all KPIs
  • Comparison of equipment across entire plant with data sharing with office through cloud solution
  • Benchmark performance data across company-wide operations 

Tekomar XPERT empowers you with the crucial information needed to operate your plants at the highest availability, cost-effectively and with confidence in your environmental compliance.

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