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The ABB range of turbochargers

More power, less fuel, lower emissions

The ABB Turbocharging portfolio comprises a full line of both single and two-stage turbocharging technology capable of producing pressures as high as 12 bar at efficiencies as high as 75% and above. In addition, ABB turbochargers boast some of the widest compressor maps in the large engine industry, allowing both flexible adaptation of compressor output to a maximum range of load profiles in a given engine application in a given engine power range, and ensuring excellent engine response to load impositions within that load profile. On the latest engine generations, these high pressure ratios are also a key enabler of Miller Cycles of varying intensities as a means of greatly reducing NOx emissions at source, in the combustion chamber.

Imagination meets expertise

Imaginative design and an unparalleled grasp of aerodynamics and thermodynamics have enabled ABB Turbocharging engineers to produce turbocharging systems which combine highest levels of performance with lowest unit weights, most compact dimensional envelopes and best-in-class accessibility for ease-of-maintenance.  

ABB Turbocharging offers engine builders and end-users outstanding long-term benefits, in particular:

  • Operational flexibility
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low  greenhouse gas and NOx emissions and compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations
  • Highest power density for maximised payloads
  • Excellent load acceptance and transient response for optimum tractability
  • Highest quality construction for unparalleled robustness
  • Low total cost of ownership thanks to long times between overhauls
  • Easy and ready access for maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Highest operational safety levels

Comprehensive turbocharger portfolio

Turbocharging systems from ABB cover all the major types of large engines used in all areas of application, and include a full array of options:

  • Low, medium and high speed two-and four strokes
  • Diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines employing both the Diesel and Otto Cycle combustion processes
  • Outputs from around 500 kW up to the very largest marine engines producing close to 90 MW

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