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A100-L turbocharger

High efficiency turbocharger for two-stroke diesel engines

Featuring high efficiencies, high pressure ratios and exceptionally wide compressor maps, the A100-L and A200-L series of advanced single-stage turbochargers are designed to give operators of low-speed two-stroke marine engines unprecedented levels of operational efficiency, operational flexibility and compliance with the most stringent emissions regulations.  Marine operators of this engine categories can be sure to achieve exceptional levels of application performance, total compliance with IMO Tier II and III limits requirements as well as enjoy a low lifecycle cost.

With several hundred units already in operation since its 2009 launch, ABB’s A100-L has rapidly established itself as the turbocharger of choice for engine designers and engine builders of two-stroke engines targeting compliance with IMO Tier II NOx emissions requirements at the lowest possible fuel consumption levels as well as highest operational safety levels. 

End-user friendliness in focus

Incorporating years of experience and extensive feedback from operators of over 200,000 turbochargers in daily use all over the world, user friendliness and service friendliness were a strong focus in designing and developing the A100-L and A200-L series, thus enabling:

  • High reliability and availability
  • Long times between inspections, routine maintenance and overhauls
  • Low lifecycle costs and optimized total cost of ownership

The A100 and A200 series of turbochargers are undoubtedly the most cost-effective long-term investment for application operators. 

Exceptionally wide compressor maps for utmost operational flexibility

The A100 and A200 series of turbochargers come with exceptionally wide compressor maps and advanced turbines ensuring application flexibility and adaptability to market conditions. With the continuously changing economic conditions under which businesses operate – volatile fuel prices, rise and fall of demand for cargo space rises etc. – operators can easily adapt their engine operation and performance according to the prevailing economic conditions, by using any of the measures compatible with A100 and A200 turbochargers:

  • Wastegates and bypasses
  • Turbocharger cut-out for dual rating applications
  • High-pressure tuning (HPT)
  • Cost-effective slow steaming conversion

ABB Turbocharging engineers are always on hand to support you with the right operational strategy.  

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Features and benefits

Technical features of A100-L

  • Pressure ratio at least 5.0 combined with high specific air volume flow.
  • High specific air volume flow.
  • Integrated lubrication oil tank.
  • Emergency lubrication by gravity.
  • Flexible configuration options:
  • Wastegates and bypasses
  • Turbocharger cutout for dual rating applications
  • High-pressure tuning
  • Optional filter silencer casing for further savings in fuel consumption.
  • Optional air outlet silencer for reduced engine noise.

Operational benefits

  • Compliance with IMO Tier I, Tier II, Tier III limits and NOx emissions.
  • Reduced fuel consumption. 
  • High operational flexibility, reliability and availability.
  • Long intervals between inspections, routine maintenance and overhauls.
  • Absolute operational safety ensured through rigorous testing, including containment testing. 
  • Reduced engine room noise.
  • High service friendliness.

Technical benefits

  • Significantly high pressure ratios of up to 5.0.
  • Turbocharger efficiency up to 75 percent. 
  • Mean effective pressure of up to 23 bar.
  • Exceptionally wide compressor maps for highly flexible application configurations.
  • Components in the highest grade, highest strength materials accurately machined to exact in-house standards.
  • Cost-effective slow-steaming conversion.
  • Easy installation.
  • Minimum blow-by air and blow-by oil flow thanks to optimized compressor and turbine labyrinths.

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