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A100-M turbocharger

More power, more options

ABB Turbocharging’s A100-M Series comprises state-of-the-art turbochargers, designed specifically for those current generations of HFO-burning medium-speed, four-stroke engines that require the combination of:

  • very high compressor pressure ratios
  • at very high turbocharging efficiency
  • combined with very wide compressor maps

The A100-M turbochargers are designed for medium-speed engines in marine and stationary application with power output from 500 to 6,000 kW output per turbocharger (1000 to 12,000 kW per engine with twin turbochargers), and offering pressure ratios as high as 5.8 and turbocharging efficiencies up to 65%. In addition, the exceptionally wide compressor maps of A100-M turbochargers ensure ready matching of their charge air delivery characteristics to a specific engine operating profile while also enabling excellent engine response to load changes within a specific profile.

The A100-M turbochargers also feature a wide and modular range of compressor stages available for every frame size in the A100 series. Thus enabling engine builders to tune their products for very high fuel efficiencies while also addressing adverse ambient conditions, such as “hot and high” locations.

Total flexibility with A100-M

With almost 2,500 A100-M turbocharger series in operation since launch in 2008, these turbochargers for medium-speed diesel and gas engines has continued to grow in popularity especially with those customers not willing to compromise on performance and operational flexibility.

A100-M supports dual-fuel operations, allowing application owners and operators to choose the fuel most suitable for them, depending on availability and price. A100-M’s compatibility with advanced Miller timing also means you can cut down significantly on fuel consumption and emissions. 

Maximum uptime with A100-M

These turbocharger series were designed to maximize an application’s uptime, first with a cleaning system and material construction that allow the unrestricted use of heavy fuel oil and second with an easily serviceable design. 

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Safety Alert for A100-M radial type turbochargers

Information about a possible safety hazard associated with ABB turbochargers of the type A100-M (A130-M, A135-M, A140-M, A145-M, A150-M and A155-M). Click below to read the documents

Safety Alert

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Features and benefits

Technical features

  • For engines from 500 to 5,200 kW output per turbocharger
  • Pressure ratios of up to 5.8 in continuous operation
  • Turbocharging efficiency of 68%
  • Cartridge for easy maintenance and service
  • Innovative compressor wheel cooling
  • Cooling program using compressor air even at high pressures
  • High volume flow and high pressure ratio capabilities

Operational benefits

  • Significant increase in mean engine power output
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower thermal loading
  • Unrestricted heavy fuel oil (HFO) operation capabilities
  • Higher application availability and reduced downtimes
  • Optimal matching for all applications

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