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A200-L turbocharger

High performance turbocharger for two-stroke diesel engines

The A200-L is ABB’s latest single stage turbocharger, targeting the newest generations of low speed two-stroke engines operating on both diesel and gas fuels. Building on the success of the A100-L, the outstanding turbocharger for low-speed two-stroke engines of the past decade, ABB’s designers and developers have used the latest thermodynamic and aerodynamic findings to build the same fuel-saving, performance-enhancing  high pressure ratios and efficiency into the lighter and more compact package.

A true bundle of turbocharging energy, the A200-L features a massive 30 percent rise in turbocharger volume flow, thus allowing a considerably smaller, lighter turbocharger to be used on virtually every size of two-stroke engine.

And the A200-L’s benefits are not only that the engine builder can achieve a desired level of turbocharger performance with lower weight in less space on the engine. The compactness of the A200-L turbochargers also translates into optimized Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the end user, since spare parts are smaller and more economical and the A200-L is easier to remove and dismantle for servicing.

In response to increasing demand for compact and efficient turbocharger technology for marine engines, recently have been launched the new A255-L and A260-L turbochargers optimized for small and medium bore two-stroke diesel and gas engines. 

Combined with High-pressure tuning (HPT), application operators running on diesel engines can achieve further increase in efficiency.

End-user friendliness in focus

Incorporating years of experience and extensive feedback from operators of over 200,000 turbochargers in daily use all over the world, user friendliness and service friendliness were a strong focus in designing and developing the A100-L and A200-L series, thus enabling:

  • High reliability and availability
  • Long times between inspections, routine maintenance and overhauls
  • Low lifecycle costs and optimized total cost of ownership

The A100 and A200 series of turbochargers are undoubtedly the most cost-effective long-term investment for application operators. 

Exceptionally wide compressor maps for utmost operational flexibility

The A100 and A200 series of turbochargers come with exceptionally wide compressor maps and advanced turbines ensuring application flexibility and adaptability to market conditions. With the continuously changing economic conditions under which businesses operate – volatile fuel prices, rise and fall of demand for cargo space rises etc. – operators can easily adapt their engine operation and performance according to the prevailing economic conditions, by using any of the measures compatible with A100 and A200 turbochargers:

  • Wastegates and bypasses
  • Turbocharger cut-out for dual rating applications
  • High-pressure tuning (HPT)
  • Cost-effective slow steaming conversion

ABB Turbocharging engineers are always on hand to support you with the right operational strategy.  

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New A255-L and A260-L

Compact. Powerful. Efficient.
The latest turbochargers in our successful A200-L portfolio

Benefits of A200-L

Operational benefits

  • ​High fuel savings.
  • Highest efficiency with slow and ultra-slow steaming.
  • Major reduction of service cost (>25%).
  • Proven reliability based on ABB technology.

Technical benefits

  • Full compliance with all engine requirements.
  • Allows engine development towards higher specific power output.
  • Possible with high-pressure tuning, which reduces tuning variances and complexity.
  • Easy matching due to wide compressor maps.
  • First cost reduction by applying a smaller size turbocharger.

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