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TPR turbocharger

The most power and efficiency for the long haul

The TPR turbocharger was developed for four-stroke diesel engines in an output range of 1,250 kW to 4,400 kW in single or twin turbocharger configurations. Available in the frame sizes TPR56 and TPR61, the TPR platform targets modern medium-speed engines used in heavy-duty rail traction applications. A global population of over 2000 TPR turbochargers is currently in use, notably in India, where they have to cope with the most demanding load profiles and ambient conditions in both heavy long-haul and shunting locomotive applications.

The TPR turbocharger platform offers high pressure ratios at high turbocharging efficiencies, combined with outstanding reliability and long times between overhauls (TBOs) and is constructed as a compact package suitable for installation in the often restricted space available on many diesel locomotives. 

TPR and Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) for greater flexibility and performance

Most recently, the TPR platform been successfully combined with ABB’s VTG. VTG allows precise control of boost pressure from the TPR 56 and TPR 61, improving the diesel combustion process in order to better address the typical demands on turbocharging systems for rail applications.

With the ability to greatly enhance the adaptation of charge air delivery to engine operating conditions, including enhanced response to load impositions, TPR turbochargers with VTG enable locomotives to cope better with the constant operating variations typical of rail traction applications, such as load modulation and, in particular, ambient conditions. 

Using the VTG option, engine performance can be more closely adapted to operating conditions, leading to a useful saving of up to 4% on fuel costs in a typical heavy-haul rail application.
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Features and benefits

Technical features of TPR

  • Compact, robust, rigid construction
  • Uncooled gas casings
  • Integral axial turbine without damping wire
  • Single-piece boreless radial compressor wheel
  • High pressure ratios at high performance levels
  • Plain bearings with squeeze oil film damper
  • Gas outlet casing with integrated foot and drain
  • Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) as drop-in option with actuator and control logic (boost-pressure monitoring)

Operational benefits of TPR

  • Withstands high mechanical loads
  • No water connections; no corrosion, no leakage
  • High turbocharger efficiencies at all loads
  • Compliance with strict engine emission regulations
  • High fuel savings
  • Increased rotor stability
  • Reduced friction, longer lifetime
  • Small space demand and footprint; optional drainage points
  • Easy removal and replacement of complete turbocharger

Benefits with the VTG option

  • Enhances operational flexibility
  • Extends locomotive’s range of operation
  • Lower engine thermal load; increases reliability and durability
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases locomotive load dynamics
  • Mediates the effects of ambient temperature and altitude on engine operating conditions
  • Provides new options for optimizing engine power pack specifically for traction

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