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TPXTM (Turbo Power eXtra)

Delivering uncompromising reliability  in the toughest environments.

Dedicated to high-speed diesel applications, the TPX turbocharger is built for rugged use, offering highest reliability and durability under harsh operating conditions.

Featuring a high compressor pressure ratio of up to 5.0 over a wide flow range, the TPX delivers exceptional power density for constant and variable speed applications. Based on service intervals of up to 20,000 hrs, the TPX44 turbocharger offers reduced total cost of ownership for demanding applications.

The versatile rugged performer

The TPX turbocharger is built specifically to cope with the diverse speed and load operating characteristics and the harsh environmental conditions faced by high-speed diesel engines. Targeting engines rated from 1 to 3.5 MW, the TPX enables exceptional power density for various applications ranging from electric power generation (EPG), to off-highway trucks (OHTs) used in mining.

Technical benefits of the TPX turbocharger

  • Robust design to tackle demanding operating profiles: The TPX turbocharger has been built based on field-proven features and a reduced number of components and functional interfaces. This ensures a very robust turbocharger without compromising on high performance. 
  • High compressor pressure ratio up to 5.0 over a wide flow range: TPX features a high compressor pressure ratio capability, enabling up to 20 percent higher power density compared to typical industry ratings. The wide compressor map enables a broad application range of the TPX providing standardization opportunities for various engine ratings.

  • Optimized for full-load and part-load operations: The modular concept of TPX allows various efficiency tunings such as full-load optimization for constant-speed EPG applications or part-load optimization for variable-speed OHTs.

  • Ready for diesel-like gas engines: The modularity and broad application range of the TPX fulfill the requirements of new gas engine concepts with diesel-like performance characteristics.

TPX product leaflet

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Operational benefits of the TPX turbocharger

  • High reliability for maximum uptime: Based on the robust design and rigorous validation testing, the TPX offers superior reliability and durability under harsh operating conditions.

  • High availability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO): The long time between overhaul of up to 20,000 hrs for harsh applications combined with the high reliability reduce turbocharger-related downtime. The extended TBO allows operators to align the turbocharger service with the main engine service interval, eliminating the need for a mid-life turbocharger exchange. This translates into savings in operational costs, contributing to low total cost of ownership (TCO). 

  • Ease of service: The TPX is designed with ease of service in mind. Based on excellent tool access to all engine-turbocharger interfaces, only a short time is needed for a turbocharger exchange.

  • Optimized transient performance: Off-highway trucks (OHT) and electric power generation (EPG) standby applications benefit from a strong transient performance, enabling quick acceleration and load pickup.

  • High power at severe ambient conditions: The availability of a high compressor pressure ratio translates into more power at altitude or at high ambient temperature conditions since less turbocharger-related de-rating is needed.

  • Fuel efficiency: The high turbocharger efficiency and adapted characteristic of the TPX support low fuel consumption, further lowering operating costs and overall total cost of ownership.