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ABB Ability™ Digital SIKO

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ABB Ability™ Digital SIKO is a further development of the well-proven SIKO concept (Safety Concept) and is based on individual turbocharger operational data. Digital SIKO was developed as a response to ABB’s uncompromising stance on safe and reliable operations for its customers.

ABB Ability™ Digital SIKO combines the SIKO calculation with real operational data, taking advantage of new digital capabilities.

At the heart of Digital SIKO is the concept of exposure-based maintenance, where individual service recommendations are given  based on the real operating conditions to which an application is exposed. For the operator, this means optimized maintenance costs and increased reliability.

Digital SIKO is currently available for merchant marine low-speed main engine turbochargers. 

Why Digital SIKO?

Putting Digital to Work for You

The marine industry has been under huge cost pressures. Therefore, exploring new opportunities to improve and enhance operations with regards to cost savings becomes inevitable.

By leveraging the power of digital, we are able to collect and analyze critical operational data on individual turbochargers for better transparency
and insights into the real operating environment of an application.

Recommendations are now more accurate and specific to each individual turbocharger.

Secure Operations with warranty from dry dock to dry dock and optimized Operational Expenditure (OPEX)

Secure operations: Individual exchange recommendations, backed by your original equipment manufacturer (OEM), ensures compliance with class societies and insurance during the period until the next scheduled service.

Operations from dry dock to dry with a warranty: With Digital SIKO, customers receive a warranty on rotor parts . We back up the accuracy of our service recommendations for the rotor part(s) usage with a warranty, giving you peace of mind from dry dock to dry dock (during a standard dry dock period of five years).

Exposure-based recommendations: The recommended exchange intervals are based on the real operations to which your turbocharger rotor is exposed. Hence, a lower actual exposure of the turbocharger can lead to longer operation of the rotor, therefore saving you considerable maintenance costs.

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