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ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT marine

Tekomar XPERT marine is ABB’s all-in-one digital software solution for the marine industry that enables simple management of emissions compliance and Propulsion efficiency within one solution.

Our smart software helps to bring meaning back to your data. Innovative modules focus on three key elements; vessel performance, propulsion,and emissions, all of which are designed to give you a holistic view in order to make informed decisions to reduce your CO2 emissions.


In your hands


In your hands

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already Tekomar XPERT for fleet. Can I combine the systems?

Yes you can. Tekomar XPERT for fleet contains only the engine module whilst with Tekomar XPERT marine you can utilize the Emissions and Hull & Propeller module as well. With this you will get the combined power of analytics from all three modules.

Will I need to install hardware on board?

No. Not by default. Tekomar XPERT marine utilizes existing sensors and signals available from multiple sources on board, picking them up from the customer's cloud or 3rd party cloud.

What are the implementation costs?

Basically none. Once the Tekomar XPERT marine license is purchased, we only require minor support in connecting to your cloud to access the required signals.

Can you connect to existing data collection systems?

Yes. We have established connectivity with a wide range of data collection systems such as Kongsberg, Hoppe, Danelec, Immarsat and many others.

I already have a monitoring system.

This is great. However please note that Tekomar XPERT marine is not a monitoring or data collection system. It is an evaluation system that analyses the data from the monitoring system and provides advisory to you.
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