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ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT Features & Highlights

Performance optimization with Tekomar XPERT

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ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT is an engine performance diagnostics and advisory software that accurately evaluates engine performance, quantifies deviations and potential fuel savings. With this information, the inherent intelligence of the software advises you on corrective measures to take in order to return your engine to optimum performance, saving you up to three tons of fuel per vessel, per day.

Tekomar XPERT features two layers of software: The desktop app and the web app

Tekomar XPERT: The desktop app

The Tekomar XPERT desktop app is a client software application that is installed on all vessels and on the superintendents’ computer, offering detailed engine performance analysis. Featuring an intuitive user interface, Tekomar XPERT allows easy data input or import from a variety of systems and devices.  

Feature highlights of the desktop app

Fleet comparison

  • Collate and condense engine performance across your fleet.
  • Quick overview and performance comparison of engines in your fleet.
  • Easy visualization of performance data with the help of traffic lights.
  • Easily drilldown to see details for each engine.

Fleet Comparison Tekomar XPERT Desktop App

Engine Performance Evaluation in Tekomar XPERT

  • See your engine’s optimization potential on the thermodynamic model.
  • Get quantified optimization potential for fuel oil savings.
  • Get corrective actions to take in order to achieve indicated fuel savings.
Engine Evaluation Optimization Potential Tekomar XPERT Desktop APP

Get immediate results and optimization advice in Tekomar XPERT

  • Get a list of possible causes of deviation.
  • Follow corrective advice to improve performance of the engine(s) accordingly.
  • Engine analysis results are concise, easily understandable comments.
Engine Evaluation Get Immediate Results Tekomar XPERT Desktop APP

Data input / import in Tekomar XPERT

  • The input form fields feature a familiar interface as commonly known from engine makers and tailored to your equipment.
  •  Input forms feature field validation, ensuring data is captured correctly.
  • Calculations and references are displayed immediately once all respective data are available.
Manual Data Entry Tekomar XPERT Desktop APP  
  • Import data from all majore DPI makers as well as from other third-party data providers.
Data Import Tekomar XPERT Desktop APP

Determine engine power with Tekomar XPERT

  • Advanced algorithm determines correct engine power by weighing all available methods of power. estimation. Engine power is automatically filled and gets more accurate with more data put.
  • Correct engine power is the basis for performance evaluation.
  • Tekomar XPERT detects whether the calibration of the shaft power meter has drifted.
Engine Power estimation in Tekomar XPERT Desktop App

  • Performance curves for comparing current performance with shop trial reference (ISO corrected baseline).

Performance Curves Tekomar XPERT Desktop APP

  • Load diagram for comparing current load with propeller curve.

Load Diagram Tekomar XPERT Desktop APP

  • Trends curves to see the development of normalized parameters.

Trends Tekomar XPERT Desktop APP

  • Pressure curve for combustion monitoring.
Pressure Curve Tekomar XPERT Desktop APP

Tekomar XPERT: The web app

The Tekomar XPERT web app (included in the Tekomar XPERT for fleet subscription) is a web-based application that provides a birds-eye view of the performance for all engines in your fleet. The web app which is easily accessible from any device connected to the internet presents all data collected with the desktop app in a condensed format.

What’s more, the web app enables the benchmarking of the engine health and potential savings on fleet and vessels level, providing the technical management team immediate indications about the status of all engines on all vessels.

Feature highlights of the web app

  • Overview of engines’ performance in an entire fleet with a focus on the three KPIs:
    Engine Health, Optimization Potential, Saving Potential per ton / per day
  • Profile-based dashboard view.
Performance dashboard overview Tekomar XPERT for fleet

Performance evaluation
  • View the Engine health, Optimization potential, Reporting behavior on the business (company) level, fleet level and vessel level.
  • Benchmark Engine health and Potential savings on fleet and vessel level.
  • Identify high and low performers.
Performance evaluation installations Tekomar XPERT for fleet

Historical fleet benchmark

  • Go back in time to compare fleet performance to see trends and evolution of all KPIs.
  • Hover over the charts with your mouse to view details.
Historical fleet benchmark optimization potential Tekomar XPERT for fleet
  • Compare the engine health of vessels in your fleet in the Engine Health tab.
Historical fleet benchmark engine health Tekomar XPERT for fleet
  • Compare the fuel saving potential for the engines in your fleet in the Saving Potential tab.
Historical fleet benchmark saving potential Tekomar XPERT for fleet

Cut through complexity with Tekomar XPERT

  • Data is collated from the engine level, condensed and distributed via the cloud in a simplified and easily digestible format. 
  • Easily drill down for details.
Data flow Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT: Continuous performance evaluation

As digitalization steadily evolves in the maritime industries, more and more ships and engines are equipped with systems which not only monitor the safety relevant signals but deliver complete datasets which also allow for remote diagnostics. In order to benefit from such automated data collection infrastructure, Tekomar XPERT provides the option of the continuous performance evaluation:

  • Data transfer from customer/3rd party cloud to ABB cloud
  • Automatic reading creation based on detection of stable running condition
  • Synchronization of engine performance valuation back to ship and office (incl. web access)
  • Suitable for new built (fully automatic) and retrofit (manual completion)
  • Save time and increase confidence in data

Tekomar XPERT is the engine performance advisory solution which gives meaning to data!

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Tekomar XPERT licensing

Tekomar XPERT features a flexible subscription-based licensing model, with no upfront investment required.

License fees start from below 3000 EUR for basic installations on cargo vessels. Contact the Tekomar XPERT sales team for a personal offer.

Overview of Tekomar XPERT license plan

  Tekomar XPERT Tekomar XPERT for fleet
Desktop app ABB_picto_27
Structured engine performance data collection ABB_picto_27 ABB_picto_27
Engine performance diagnostics and advisory ABB_picto_27 ABB_picto_27
Quantification of fuel savings potential ABB_picto_27
Engine performance comparison ABB_picto_27
Advanced algorithm to calculate engine power ABB_picto_27
Data sharing ABB_picto_27
Web app
Profile-based KPI dashboard: Engine Health, Optimization Potential, Saving Potential ABB_picto_27
Benchmark own ships and fleets incl. engine health index ABB_picto_27
Multiple access levels (according to organizational structure) ABB_picto_27
Fleet administration ABB_picto_27
E-learning ABB_picto_27
Data interface to third-party systems ABB_picto_27
Continuous performance evaluation Optional
Remote performance assessment    Optional 

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