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Boost profitability with data-driven decisions

Engine optimization data and recommendations with Tekomar XPERT

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Optimizing engine performance in all operating conditions is the key to profitability. The challenge is, engine performance depends on many operating parameters, and on each vessel’s operating conditions.   

Tekomar XPERT delivers that vital information. But more than that, it gives meaning to engine performance data - not just engine condition, but what you can immediately do to improve it.
For example, if the engine’s firing pressure is incorrect, leading to inefficient combustion and wasted fuel, ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT alerts you to the issue and provides the directions you need on timing adjustment to return the engine to maximum efficiency. 

With Tekomar XPERT driving your decision-making, you can maintain your engine performance as close as possible to as-new efficiency 

Profitability comes from staff efficiency too:  Tekomar XPERT can save the equivalent of 3 hours staff time in comparison with a manual engine evaluation.  

Calculate your fuel and emission savings with Tekomar XPERT

Find out how much you can save with Tekomar XPERT using our quick calculator. Simply enter details about your vessel, engine and operating profile to receive an instant result showing fuel and emission savings that can be made by monitoring and optimizing your engines with Tekomar XPERT.

Optimize the vessel: Tekomar XPERT desktop app

Tekomar XPERT desktop app  is an easy-to-use software application installed on the vessel and the superintendents’ device, giving detailed engine performance analysis. The intuitive user interface allows easy data input or import from many different systems and devices. 

Optimize the fleet: Tekomar XPERT web app

The Tekomar XPERT web app* provides a big picture overview of the performance of all engines across your fleet, no matter what make and type. By benchmarking engine health and potential savings at fleet and vessel level, the web app empowers your technical management team to optimise fleet performance. It is accessible from any device connected to the internet, presenting all data collected with the desktop app in a focused, highly usable way.  

(*included in the Tekomar XPERT for fleet subscription)

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