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Databridge for ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT

Automated collection of operational data

Extend the reach of Tekomar XPERT by connecting it to the Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS) of your vessel.

The Databridge enables the efficient collection of operational data for Tekomar XPERT. With this feature, time consuming and error-prone manual data collection becomes a thing of the past. With the Databridge you can collect operational data from various sources and store them centrally both locally and remotely (on demand).

Although you may run Tekomar XPERT on any computer and import data in various formats from sources like a digital cylinder pressure indication device, Tekomar XPERT does not read data from wired connections. You can bridge this gap with the Databridge, an industrial PC and electronic storage unit located in your Engine Control Room (ECR). The Databridge links to the AMS via a wired connection and communicates with Tekomar XPERT via Ethernet (existing network).

The Databridge is a hardware and software-based solution, built around an ABB industrial PC which is characterized by its distinctive robustness, performance and flexibility.

Additional feature: TCM-S handheld

The TCM-S handheld device is a combustion monitoring device that works seamlessly with Tekomar XPERT and removes the need for additional investment in cylinder pressure indicators. A robust sensor and Thompson indicator cock adaptor measure single cylinder unit pressure on two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The raw data from TCM-S (and other devices) is analyzed directly in Tekomar XPERT (in combination with other engine data).

The TCM-S comes preconfigured with engine parameters. Automatic TDC adjustment without TDC sensor.

Monitored cylinder pressure data:

  • Firing pressure
  • Compression pressure
  • Mean indicated pressure
  • Indicated power

Performance optimization with Tekomar XPERT

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