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How Tekomar XPERT can save you an extra 0.5 to 3 tons of fuel per day

There are various ways you can improve the performance of your fleet, making it more efficient and saving you money. Slow steaming, weather routing, a design change of the hull or modification of the propellers are some of the most common solutions, but one of the key contributors to fuel saving is often overlooked: the engine.

Look after your engines to slash fuel costs

The condition of your engine is directly related to the amount of fuel required. Fewer inspections and less frequent servicing may lead to a drastic increase in fuel consumption. The reasons behind this increase include:
  • Bad injection timing or injection equipment (low firing pressure)
  • Clogged filters on TC air intake (low scavenge air pressure)
  • High SAC water temperature or SAC condition (high scavenge air temperature)
  • Clogged air side of SAC (pressure drop across SAC / low scavenge pressure)
  • Inefficient or damaged engine room fans (low engine room pressure)
  • Worn nozzle rings (low TC efficiency)
  • Clogged economizers (high exhaust gas backpressure)

How can I check the condition of my main and auxiliary engines?

There are two typical means of assessing engine performance. You can measure the fuel consumption per day or per voyage – with statistics – but this doesn’t enable detailed evaluation. You can also compare relevant parameters with the original shop trial. The accuracy of the results will depend on the experience and knowledge of your engineers, along with the time spent assessing the engines, and this will also determine the action required to keep your fleet in the best possible condition.

Imagine you could identify the reasons for sub-par engine performance at a glance? Or quantify an engine's optimization potential precisely in terms of total propulsion performance potential? Tekomar XPERT allows you to do exactly that. Tekomar XPERT accurately evaluates engine performance and quantifies deviations to provide operators with immediate insights for potential fuel oil savings. Furthermore, it provides advice on retuning, adjustments and maintenance of a vessel's main and auxiliary engines.

Tekomar XPERT and the thermodynamic approach

Tekomar XPERT provides an ISO-corrected, thermodynamic analysis based on new build conditions.


  • To setup the tailor-made configuration, the engine’s own shop test protocol is required as the baseline.
  • A complete set of engine performance data, taken at any load between 10% and 100%, and read from properly maintained and calibrated sensors is sufficient to get the first results. The measuring frequency can follow usual intervals (monthly) to get a historic trend of the engine condition.


  • Quantification of any deviation of a thermodynamic parameter from reference
  • Calculation of potential fuel oil savings
  • Immediate advice on action required for improvement
  • Accurate power estimation

Performance optimization with Tekomar XPERT

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Adjust and save money

Accurate advice on engine adjustments and maintenance leads to optimal engine performance. This can be seen in longer maintenance intervals and significant fuel savings – typically 0.5 to 3 tons of fuel per engine, per day.

Once your Chief Engineer is ready to look closely at your engine, Tekomar XPERT is all you need to achieve greater performance efficiency.

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