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Unlock the benefits of your equipment data

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” is very often the approach taken by many application operators. Understandably so, taking into consideration the cost pressure the industry is currently facing. However, this approach becomes really dangerous and costly because the cost of corrective measures quite often outweighs the cost of maintenance.

What if you could prevent it from breaking? 

Maintenance is not only about keeping the wheel turning; it is about keeping the wheel turning smoothly and efficiently. Maintenance is about getting the most out of your asset.

To ensure our customers’ applications receive the best possible care, ABB Turbocharging maintains a comprehensive product database that allows us to systematically collect and analyze installation and operational data for diagnosis, prognosis and scheduling of maintenance activities.
Our customers can benefit from an effective maintenance strategy that ensures high equipment availability, safe operations, enhanced performance and long-term lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Is your turbocharger on record?

Registering your ABB turbocharger with ABB Turbocharging ensures products stay in the loop for best care and continuous optimization. 

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