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Information Systems

Powering productivity with proactive solutions

Information Systems (IS) partners with the business in about 100 countries around the world to improve productivity and get closer to customers. We think big and we think ahead because we want to be able to provide a solution before anyone sees they have problems.

Working closely with senior management to develop IS strategies that drive the business forward, we develop solutions for specific business needs as well as overseeing the IS infrastructure of a highly demanding global organization.

Why ABB for Information Systems?

If you are looking for big, global challenges, IS is the place to come.

ABB's portfolio includes some of the most advanced power and productivity products and systems in the world. To help us work more efficiently, you have to understand what we do and how we do it in addition to the power and potential of information technology.

If you have the energy, discipline and intellectual firepower to succeed in those tasks, you will find almost limitless opportunities to stretch your thinking, expand your horizons and build your skills as you work with people all over the world.

And because IS plays a strategic role at ABB, you will also find that your work genuinely makes a difference, shaping the future of the business and helping us create a better world.

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Career paths and development

When it comes to developing your career, we put you in the driver's seat. As you learn - on the job, from mentors and in our world-class development programs - there will be many opportunities to solve problems in new ways and strengthen your ability to look at technological and systems issues from different perspectives. You will find all the support you need, but it is up to you to make the most of it.


Roles vary from global, company-wide technology systems management to local, team-specific applications or systems. You can focus on a particular division or function, concentrating on application development or operational and service management.

As you prove yourself and gain experience, there will be many chances to increase responsibility within your work group and engage with other work teams within the larger ABB community.

Professional qualifications

We depend on your growth and development because the more you make of your talent, the better we do as a company. So, in addition to the personalized development plans we agree on with all our employees, we also support you if you wish to obtain a certain professional qualification.

As long as there is a clear business need, we help you prepare for external certification programs with leading bodies.

Alternative career opportunities

Career flexibility is a key ABB principle. We always try to support you when your interests and priorities change, helping you move between countries, divisions, business units and functions. It is one of the main advantages of working for a truly global business with a very broad portfolio of products and services.

Depending on your experience and skill, you may find opportunities in areas such as Engineering, Finance, HR, Project Management, Quality and Operational Excellence or Supply Chain Management.

What we look for

IS profile

To succeed in IS, you will need:
  • A good technical understanding gained in a relevant background
  • To understand the needs of various stakeholders in a demanding business
  • The foresight and conviction to challenge the conventional and proactively develop innovative solutions
  • The ability to collaborate, respecting the views and opinions of others
  • Strong analytical and communication skills, verbal and written
  • Ability to stay up to date with all relevant developments in your area of expertise

Requirements vary for different roles at each level. Please see specific job postings for details.

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