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Producing a better world

The innovative products we make drive the world’s largest ships, connect remote renewable power sources with consumers and automate complex industrial processes. Our employees focus on using resources effectively in order to help customers use energy efficiently.

Manufacturing at ABB ranges from assembly of customized industrial robots to advanced production of electrical switches and breakers. From generator to user, our products support the efficient use of electric power in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Why ABB for Manufacturing?

Manufacturing excellence is in our DNA. Our founders wanted to use the latest technology to solve complex challenges and improve the communities they lived in. Innovative problem-solvers through and through, they applied the same drive to manufacturing the products as they did to innovating new solutions to customer needs.

It is that same focus on excellence that keeps the world’s most demanding customers coming back to ABB today. If you share that dedication, you will find a wide range of challenges to test your knowledge and skills.

Our products and processes are based on the latest technologies, so there are often opportunities to pioneer new manufacturing processes. Attention is paid to the smallest details so that our solutions provide high-quality, on-time results for the customer.

Furthermore, we are fully committed to a safer, healthier workplace and a sustainable future for the planet. We place a high value on protecting our employees and the communities we live in, so our first concern is to perform our work in a safe and secure manner.

The exceptional people you work with, the unique projects you tackle and the global scale of our business will give you the skills and experience you need to take your career to the next level.

Career paths and development

Production specialist

Our specialists oversee production and assembly lines throughout the factory, ensuring operations follow agreed specifications so that we meet customer requirements.  

Production employees assemble our products, either operating automated production lines, machinery, tools and other equipment or working manually, customizing our offering where required.

Production engineer

Specialist engineers develop and optimize our production processes, equipment and assembly methods, working closely with Quality and Operational Excellence and R&D to ensure high-quality, on-time delivery, using the most cost-efficient and lean production processes.

Production maintenance

Employees in this area ensure that production lines, equipment and tools are properly set up and maintained.

Warehouse and distribution

Employees in this area manage and develop warehouse operations to control inbound and outbound goods, storage, picking and dispatch for both internal and external customers.

Professional qualifications

We depend on your growth and development because the more you make of your talent, the better we do as a company. So, in addition to the personalized learning and development plans we agree on with all our employees, we also support you if you wish to obtain relevant professional qualifications that will help you contribute more effectively to our overall operations.

Alternative career possibilities

Career flexibility is a key ABB principle. We always try to support you when your interests and priorities change, helping you move between countries, divisions, business units and functions. It is one of the main advantages of working for a truly global business with a very broad portfolio of products and services.

Depending on your experience and skills, you may find opportunities in such areas as Product Management, Project Management, Quality and Operational Excellence, R&D or Supply Chain Management.

What we look for

Manufacturing profile

To succeed in manufacturing, you need to:
  • Contribute effectively to the team
  • Share information and ideas
  • Set high standards in your thinking and actions
  • Embrace and drive innovation
  • Ensure that you keep to our safety standards at all times

Academic and professional qualifications
  • Requirements vary for different roles at each level. Please check specific job postings for details.

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