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Why hire a drive?

Emergency breakdown or failure

Hiring a drive can be a quick, low cost way of keeping critical processes running in the event of a drive failure. It reduces the cost of downtime whilst buying time to either repair the failed equipment or to source and allocate capital for a permanent replacement.
  • Keep critical processes running
  • Reduce the cost of downtime
  • Buy time to repair or replace

Temporary capacity

Hire drives can be used for short-term, semi-permanent or seasonal applications, allowing companies to ramp process capacity up or down with ease, while eliminating storage and maintenance costs.
  • Ramp up quickly for short-term or seasonal applications
  • Drives are fully maintained and loaded with the latest firmware

Prove predicted energy savings before purchase

If a variable speed application has not previously used a drive, or if an existing drive is due for upgrade, hiring a drive can be a low cost way to analyse its efficiency in a real setting. This can help customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Test drive performance for new or existing applications
  • Make more informed purchase decisions

Equipment testing

Testing houses may be called upon to test variable speed applications, but may not have a suitable drive with which to pair it in-house. Hiring a drive can allow testing to get underway at short notice and low cost.
  • Reduce inventory at testing houses
  • Increase flexibility to test a wider variety of applications
  • Get testing underway at short notice and low cost