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Half a day to cut your energy bill by up to 60%

A large processing plant or other industrial facility can have hundreds of motor-driven applications. In half a day, an ABB energy assessment identifies the applications that offer the greatest opportunity to cut energy use in the shortest possible time. An action plan is then provided to turn those potential savings into actual savings.

How it works

Outlining the scope

Outlining the scopeAn ABB-certified engineer visits your facility to identify the location and criticality of applications, any health and safety restrictions, as well as anything unusual that may affect energy consumption.

Monitoring and data collection

monitoring and data collectionMotor name plate information and process control details are gathered from the client and the process for the purpose of data analysis.

Data analysis

data analysisFindings are analysed to estimate present energy use and carbon dioxide emissions and to identify potential savings and payback time if an investment in drives and/or motors is made.


recommendationsAn action plan is prepared highlighting the applications that offer the greatest/fastest opportunity to reduce energy consumption. Figures will normally be translated into annual savings, and there will be detailed recommendations for suitable drives or motors.

Optional: Installation

implementationMaximise the efficiency and reliability of VSDs and motors from day one by leaving installation and commissioning to an ABB-approved engineer.

Optional: Verification and follow up

verification and follow upOnce new equipment is fitted, energy consumption is tracked to enable predicted and actual savings to be compared. This will help to justify investment in drives and/or motors.
ABB offers a FREE, no obligation energy assessment to help you find ways of saving cost while reducing your carbon output. Book yours today, call 07000 DRIVES (07000 374837), or email