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Reduce energy costs and increase load capacity with ABB’s power factor correction solutions

Inductive loads such as motors, pumps and fans can cause your site's supply power factor to drop, reducing the amount of the power supplied that you can effectively use and potentially leading to financial penalties from your utility.

Since the introduction of DCP161 by OFGEM in April 2018, many industrial and commercial businesses with half-hourly (HH) metered supplies are now finding unpleasant surprises in their utility bills.

This is because DCP161 imposes excess capacity charges, potentially in excess of 100%, on any location that exceeds its agreed electricity consumption level.

Make the most of your site's electrical capacity

Reducing your site's power factor with power factor correction equipment will help to:

  • Eliminate excess capacity charges from your utility provider
  • Free up capacity for additional loads, avoiding the need for major investments in new electrical connections

How can ABB help?

We offer a free, no-obligation site survey that will determine exactly what your power factor is. If your power factor is low, then we can work with you to boost it to an industry standard level.

In some cases, there might be existing power factor correction (PFC) equipment that is simply in need of some care and maintenance. If new equipment is required, then we can design and install the ideal PFC solution for your specific needs.

Request a free, no-obligation on-site survey today.

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