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A shared way of working

Think smart, act responsibly, get results

We have identified five areas for maximizing our potential to stay competitive in the long term.

Running as a common thread throughout the organization, these five "ABB Behaviors" are relevant for all employees. They guide our thinking in both large-scale strategy and day-to-day operations.

The ABB Behaviors


Safety & Integrity

"Don’t look the other way!" means
doing the right thing, taking
responsibility for ourselves, our
colleagues and our business.

Customer focus & Quality

Putting our customer front and
center of our work and delivering
quality, every day in everything
we do.

Innovation & Speed

Developing cutting-edge
technology and processes ahead
of the competition; innovation
gives us the edge, and speed
is essential.

Ownership & Performance

Taking responsibility for our work
and pride in our success; raising
our standards to the Next Level.

Collaboration & Trust

Working together to bring more
to our customers. Trusting each
other to make the right decisions.