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Cyberex® Mission Critical (MC Series)

200-800A digital static transfer switch and PDU integration

The Mission Critical (MC) Series provides redundant operation using two sources feeding one common group of output distribution devices within one unit.

By intergrating a Cyberex SuperSwitch4 Digital Static Transfer Switch (DSTS) and a Cyberex Power Distribution Unit (PDU), the MC series provides the highest level of configurability for diverse equipment loads and maximum growth.  Coupled with advanced circuit management options and communications, the MC Series is the key to design element for ensuring maximum uptime for your facility.

The MC11 Series is a Cyberex SuperSwitch4 Digital Static Transfer Switch (DSTS) at the input of a transformer that feeds output distribution devices which may include sub-feed breakers and/or panelboards.
These integrated packages offer a single, easy-to-install, factory-tested unit that avoids expensive inter-cabinet wiring all within a compact footprint.  This compact footprint maximizes valuable floor space and reduces power cabling costs.  A multitude of available distribution features and comprehensive circuit management with advanced communications provides the ultimate in design flexibility and reliability.

 MC11 Available Configurations
Transormer kVA DSTS Voltage Rating  DSTS Ampere Rating  Effective kVA Through-put 
[75] [100] [125] [150] 480 VAC 200 [50] [75] [100] [125] [150]
[200] [225] [300] 480 VAC 400 [200] [225] [300]

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