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The Connection newsletter

2017 Archive

  • The Connection newsletter February 2017
  • FEATURE:  APW has a new name for 2017, it is ABB Customer World. What’s new this year? What sort of educational workshops and training are available? Have you heard about the dedicated track on cyber security?   >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter January 2017
  • FEATURE:  Three ways Power Generation Care improves on ServicdGrid, What does Power Generation Care do that ServiceGrid didn't? Is it still a bundle of services like ServiceGrid? How does Power Generation Care address software maintenance and upgrades?  >> Read more

2016 Archive

  • The Connection newsletter November 2016
  • FEATURE:  Delivering the training you need to optimize your business, Why do I need training? Where can I get trained? How do I know what courses are right for me? >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter July 2016
  • FEATURE:  Flexible turbine control – how does it compare?, How does a turbine control retrofit investment compare to buying a new turbine? What is the typical lifetime extension of a standard turbine? Do you perform audits to assess the feasibility of having this done at my plant? >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter May 2016
  • FEATURE:  Red and green to grey – Why switch my HMI, Aren't we just swapping our red and green screens for greyscale monitors? Won’t operators miss the familiar technology? How big is the startup investment? >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter March 2016
  • FEATURE:  The way to a healthy EHC system, What is a turbine EHC system and why is it important? What are some key steps to insure reliable operation of a steam turbine EHC system? What is the most critical item regarding EHC system preventative maintenance? >> Read more

2015 Archive

  • The Connection newsletter December 2015
  • FEATURE: How will the Clean Power Plan affect you?, What were the major outcomes of the Clean Power Plan released in August 2015??  What will power facility owners need to do to reduce emissions and meet the new regulations?? What new technologies should power generation facilities use to get the most out of their new assets? >> Read more 
  • The Connection newsletter October 2015
  • FEATURE: The impact of ISA 101 on your plant HMI?, The new ISA 101 standards have just been released. How will ISA 101 affect the controls and automation industry?  What are some key points to know about ISA 101? What are some things I should consider when developing an HMI, more specifically in regards to symbols and displays?>> Read more 
  • The Connection newsletter September 2015
  • FEATURE: The case for an open control system, What are the advantages of open control systems on gas turbines??  What are the advantages of a common architectural platform?? What are the operational and economic benefits realized with an ABB open control system? >> Read more 
  • The Connection newsletter August 2015
  • FEATURE: The EPC choice, Why would an EPC choose Symphony Plus for a project?  So, Symphony Plus can be advantageous for project execution? What other value-adds can ABB bring to EPCs? >> Read more 
  • The Connection newsletter June/July 2015
    FEATURE: The buzz on S+ Engineering, In terms of security, what can S+ Engineering do? Are there any other security features besides the Role Based Access Control? Does S+ Engineering support PROFIBUS and HART fieldbuses? >> Read more 
  • The Connection newsletter - April/May 2015 
    FEATURE: What is the difference between a DCS and a PLC? Where is a DCS practical over a PLC? What is the system lifecycle of a DCS and a PLC? >> Read more

  • The Connection newsletter - January 2015
    FEATURE: To what extent can we expect our design and engineering processes to take advantage of reuse engineering? Can we ever reach a stage where the complete DCS design and configuration can be automatically executed? In short, can we automate automation? >> Read more

2014 Archive

  • The Connection newsletter - November/December 2014
    FEATURE: The midterm elections are likely to have a serious impact on energy issues. With the Republicans winning a majority in both chambers of Congress, and critical seats on various regulation committees, regulation relaxation on various energy related issues are strongly forecasted. Expected changes include challenging the EPA's authority on various Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act provisions, with a focus on deregulating coal-fired power plants, and progress on the approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter - October 2014
     FEATURE: Making predictions is a dangerous career choice. Do it right and you get to be a "visionary." Doing it wrong, and ... well, how would you describe Time Magazine's 1968 prediction that "Remote shopping, while entirely feasible, will flop." Someone should tell that to Jeff Bezos, since Amazon alone did $75 billion in sales in 2013. Still, I am going to go out on a limb and make some predictions about what's going to happen in the wind power business here in North America.   >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter - September 2014
     FEATURE: Since the release of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Clean Power Plan on June 2, 2014, there has been a lot of buzz about the four building blocks that the EPA used to arrive at individual state targets for CO2 emissions. >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter - August 2014
     FEATURE: Many utilities and grid operators have long cautioned against adding too much wind or solar generation to the energy mix, based on the assumption that a high penetration of intermittent power sources could jeopardize the stability of the entire grid. >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter - July 2014
     FEATURE: When it comes to operating your plant today, are you busy reactively operating when an upset occurs, or are you following a proactive asset management strategy?  Operating companies in the power generation industry are increasingly seeking to improve asset integrity, reliability, and process safety.  This conversation article depicts two scenarios.  Who can you relate to, Kevin or Julie?  Read more to find out. >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter - May/June 2014
     FEATURE: Facing grid reliability and new disruptive challenges.Got your attention? on to learn the views of ABB experts on reliability standards, cost-effective technologies and the role of microgrids. >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter - April 2014 
    FEATURE: The U.S. gas market served up an emphatic reminder of its traditional volatility this winter, as unusually severe weather sent regional spot prices spiraling to record highs. Despite the boom in production from shale, the sector remains handicapped by constraints that are unlikely to ease in the near term. Learn more in this great article from POWER Magazine. >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter - March 2014
    FEATURE: An energy efficient menu for power and water industries. Most CEOs consider the topic of energy efficiency to be strategicially important to their businesses, yet more than half also acknowledge they are still grappling with how to implement enterprise-wide energy savings measures. The good news is it is never too late. >> Read more
  • The Connection newsletter -February 2014  
    FEATURE: Cyber security: From "reel" life to "real" life.  Blockbuster movies have been providing an entertainment awareness of the threats that the Internet can offer. As cyber attacks come off the screen and into real life, it is important that they are taken seriously. >> Learn more
  • The Connection newsletter - January 2014 
    FEATURE: More regulation is in the pipeline for 2014.  Are you ready?  Agencies like the EPA, NRC, and FERC are prime targets for this year's congressional gamble.  On top of that, all 435 seats of the House of Representatives along with a third of the seats in Senate are up for mid-term election. Learn what could be in store for you. >> Read more 

    2013 Archive

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