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The Connection archive

2012 Archive

  • The Connection - December 2012
    FEATURE: Cyber security, protecting critical infrastructure in a changing world. Twenty years ago, no one imagined that it would be possible for an attacker to inject arbitrary data packets into isolated networks or to directly influence the underlying production process.>> Read more
  • The Connection - November 2012
    FEATURE: ABB review article: Eliminating downtime. ABB’s UPS-I is a new generation, line-interactive power protection product that protects customers’ loads during outages and major voltage disturbances. >> Read more
  • The Connection - October 2012
    FEATURE: Video Game or HMI. Industrial HMI developers consider how video game technology can change the way operators work with control systems. >> Read more
  • The Connection - September 2012
    FEATURE: Report: Alarm Management for Power Generation. S+ Operations’ advanced alarm management provides all the necessary instruments for efficient and stringent alarm management. >> Read more
  • The Connection - July 2012
    FEATURE: Report: Risk from cyber attacks rising for utilities. A new report from the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissions has outlined the realistic possibilities for cyber attacks on the U.S.' electricity distribution network. >> Read more
  • The Connection - June 2012
    FEATURE: Five ways to green existing power plants. The existing fleet of fossil-fueled power plants represents a massive investment. >> Read more
  • The Connection - May 2012
    FEATURE: Did you miss Utopia / Automation & Power World 2012? Read about the expanded range of Symphony Plus products released at the event. >> Read more
  • The Connection - April 2012
    FEATURE: What does the future of energy hold? Should small scale electricity contributions such as rooftop solar panels be encouraged with tax incentives? How should renewables be funded?  >> Read more
  • The Connection - March 2012
    Why coal plants retire? Did you see this recent white paper in PennEnergy? It has an interesting analysis and reasoning of why coal plants are retiring. >> Read more
  • The Connection - January 2012
    FEATURE: Interested in concentrating photovoltaic systems? ABB is here to help. With our recent investment in Green Volts, a leading provider of turnkey concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems, ABB gains access to proprietary technology. >> Read more

2011 Archive

  • The Connection - December 2011
    FEATURE: A success at the Tasley Energy Center. With an aggressive 5 day outage schedule, the Tasley Energy Center and ABB successfully completed a project to extend the DCS life for the combustion turbine. >> Read more
  • The Connection - November 2011
    FEATURE: Is Duqu the next Stuxnet virus? After expanded research, it may not appear so. ICS-CERT, in close coordination with Symantec and the original. >> Read more
  • The Connection - October 2011 
    FEATURE: Are you ready to maximize reliability and improve performance? ABB Power Generation's new service contract framework can help you do just that. As members of the power and water industries, you are facing numerous challenges. >> Read more
  • The Connection - August 2011
    FEATURE: Symphony Plus makes an impact at Automation and Power World 2011. ABB Power Generation had a highly successful four days at this year's Automation and Power World, creating huge interest with the introduction of SymphonyTM Plus. >> Read more

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