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The Connection - Three Quick Questions

A fresh look at training for business optimization

Delivering the training you need to optimize your business

One of the biggest challenges utilities face is to make plant staff aware of operational parameters, how to handle abnormal situations, and how to reduce error and harm to other staff and plant assets. To accomplish this, utilities need a way to verify that their staff has acquired the knowledge, skills and abilities required to carry out their duties and responsibilities safely.  A control system can be a complex system to learn and train on the job, so you may want to consider professional training.

1. Why do I need training?

  • Are you upgrading the hardware, software, or operator console in your current ABB system? 
  • Are you new to an ABB control system or replacing an existing one?
  • Have you recently hired new employees or have existing employees changing roles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then training is for you. Training gives you and your personnel the necessary skills to perform their duties quickly, safely, and efficiently. Even your engineering experts can learn more through advanced training or brush up on existing skills through individualized coaching. ABB training systems allow students to get the hands-on training and practice they need without the risk of on the job learning in a live production system.

2. Where can I get trained?

ABB University training classes are offered in-center at one of the many ABB facilities, on-site at your facility for groups of employees, and at various regional locations.  Both on-site and regional training are delivered with the same hardware, software, and course materials used for in-center training.  Regional training gives customers who don’t have easy access to an ABB training facility the opportunity to attend training more local to them.  In addition to using standard course materials, on-site training can be tailored to help your employees most effectively utilize your site-specific ABB system.  Consider having your training class at a local hotel instead of your facility to eliminate interruptions for personnel attending the class.

3. How do I know what courses are right for me?

Great question!  Training courses are available for technicians, engineers, and operators.  Learning paths are segmented by control system and job function. Check out the ABB website to guide you through your course selection.  Each course has a description with the main goal of the training, learning objectives, topics, duration, prerequisite courses or knowledge, and an outline of what is covered on each day. 

Contact us to enroll in a class, discuss on-site training, or talk to someone about your training needs

If you have more questions about an ABB training class and how it might help you improve performance and safety in your facility, I’d be glad to try to answer them. 

About the author

Casandra Morgan2

Casandra Morgan

Casandra Morgan is the Sales & Marketing Manager for ABB University, US.  Casandra works with customers and internal stakeholders on their training requests to help determine the best training for their needs.  She also plans on-site classes, ensuring the event runs smoothly from the initial request to the follow-up after the class. Previously, Casandra worked as a Business Analyst at Rosetta Marketing.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Case Western Reserve University. 

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