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ABB PowerED power education webinar series

This webinar series provides POWERful insights for the evolving grid - addressing today's biggest power industry challenges along with solutions to overcome them.


On-demand webinars

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The changing service landscape

On demand 
Today’s service landscape is rapidly changing beyond the now commonplace issues of reduced operations and maintenance budgets, retiring workforce, and aging assets. New technology, predictive and condition-based maintenance practices, and remote monitoring are all converging - replacing wrenches and screwdrivers with computers and software.

Watch this practical webinar to learn how to leverage these new technologies and maintenance practices to:

  • lower O&M costs,
  • improve reliability,
  • and provide better predictability.

Resiliency planning for the transmission grid

On demand
While weather events like Hurricane Sandy grab national headlines, they aren’t the only threat to transmission grids. The shift in generation caused by the integration of renewables and coal plant closures has also created issues with grid stability and reliability. Add in aging infrastructure, and stresses on the transmission grid are only going to get worse. 

Preparing the system to withstand and recover from these failures and events requires proper planning and optimization of investments. The best time to prepare for the future is now  - get ready by registering for this webinar today!

Understanding the effects of geomagnetic disturbances on the power grid

On demand
Effects of solar geomagnetic disturbances on power transformers and power systems have been observed for many decades and in many parts of the world. These events had created a certain level of concern in the electric power industry about the implications of geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) flowing into the neutrals of large power transformers.

Additionally, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has adopted a new reliability standard to mitigate the impacts of geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs), requiring utilities to develop, maintain and implement a GMD operating plan and operating procedures or processes to address GMD events.

Attend this webinar for answers to:

  • What factors should be considered when developing FERC mandated GMD plans?
  • Are power transformers and power systems really at risk from GMDs?
  • What can be done to ensure grid resiliency?

Remaking the utility business model

On demand
The traditional regulated utility business model is under siege. Demand growth is on the decline at the same time costs, customer expectations and regulatory scrutiny are increasing. Reliability has always been the prime directive of the power industry. Now a confluence of changes in technology, regulation and public policy have produced a mortal threat to the traditional cost-of-service model that has sustained the industry for more than a century.

Join us for an engaging discussion featuring Stephen Whitley, President & Chief Executive Officer of the New York ISO, as we explore the possibilities for a new utility business model.

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