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ABB at OTC 2016

Offshore Technology Conference 2016

May 2-5, Houston, Texas

Integrating power and automation to save on cost, schedule and risk

Visit us at Booth 345 and 5740.

With over 50 years of experience in oil and gas projects, ABB supplies industrial solutions for oil and gas facilities around the world. From the arctic waters of the North Sea to the presalt formations offshore Brazil, we serve the complete energy supply value chain. 

At Offshore Technology Conference 2016 we will be discussing how ABB solutions help you stay competitive during any market cycle. These solutions integrate both power and automation needs to reduce cost, stay on schedule, and minimize risk on projects.
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New for 2016: Coffee and conversations

Join us for a coffee and industry dialogue every hour in the booth. We’ll be discussing the latest innovative technologies and key trends in the industry.
See the full schedule below.

Booth highlights



ABB is a leading global manufacturer of dry-type and liquid-filled transformers specifically designed to meet the requirements of the oil and gas industry.

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Energy efficient motors, drives and mechanical products

Electric motors consume 65% of industrial electricity produced in the US.   Motors can be made more intelligent and efficient by marrying them with one of the many drives in the booth, and can efficiently drive a load with the right mechanical products.

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Medium voltage

Distribution automation solutions from consultation to commissioning.

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Bulk electrical and lighting

Reliably connect and protect electrical wiring systems for your upstream, midstream and downstream projects. These products and systems will save on installation time and provide safe operation in any environment.

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Smart sensors

Learn about a new technology that transforms simple low voltage motors into intelligent machines that alert users when they need servicing.

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Coffee and Conversations

Join the discussion on innovative technologies and ideas for staying competitive in any market cycle.

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Measurement products

This instrumentation equipment actively monitors your plant’s temperature, pressure, levels and flow, safely, productively and profitably.

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Smart, integrated operations

During any market cycle, it is critical that you have visibility into your operations. Smart operations provide you operational flexibility and the ability to automate repeated manual tasks- saving your projects time and money. Stop by to see a live demo.

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Telecoms and wireless networks

Our turnkey system integration capabilities include systems such as access control, security, public address and alarms to help monitor and move people and things around your plant as safe as possible.

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ABB produced the world’s first industrial turbocharger, and continues to push the technology forward to provide efficient and flexible operations with environmental regulatory compliance.

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Oculus Rift technology

Explore a refinery during a virtual reality tour. Take home your own Google Cardboard headset to continue the experience.

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Air gap inspector

This small robotic crawler allows you to examine the entire length of your winding through the use of cameras, without removing the rotor core.

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ABB North America

ABB North America @ABBNorthAmerica

Smart sensors are coming to a #motor near you...and they can save money and #energy use.

ABB North America

ABB North America @ABBNorthAmerica

Join ABB at the #StateEnergyConf this week to discuss impacts of energy technologies and policy to NC @NCCleanTech

ABB North America

ABB North America @ABBNorthAmerica

@TalenEnergy has selected $ABB's cloud-based solution Asset Suite 9 for its asset performance management.

ABB North America

ABB North America @ABBNorthAmerica

Visit ABB at DCD NY to see how modular UPS technology for #datacenters could help with your availability needs

ABB North America

ABB North America @ABBNorthAmerica

Discuss Ultimate DCSO with ABB, @GoldmanSachs, Telex @DigitalRealty and @Ericssonat at DCD NY today at 11:50

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Citadel Computer @citadelcomputer

Attending #otc2016? Stop by Citadel Computer for rugged computing technology at Booth #4920:

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