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Public power solutions

Supporting the utilities that power their communities and together, creating a stronger, smarter and greener grid.

Every utility has a responsibility to provide reliable power to its customers. As a public power utility, you work to even higher standards.

You are more closely integrated with, and responsible to, the communities you serve. Beyond providing electricity, your customers look to you as their partner to help improve quality of life and elevate the economic prospects for your community.

A key contribution is providing power at the lowest possible cost, which in turn keeps more money in your community. Providing reliable and efficient electric power is essential to meet and protect customers’ needs today. New grid modernization and asset management investments prepare you to support responsible, sustainable community vitality and growth for many years to come.

With 125 years of experience in the power industry, ABB has the applications, products, and expertise to help you meet your customers’ expectations. While we are a global organization, we connect locally with our customers through plants, offices, and over 10,000 employees located in communities across the U.S. We work with local power providers to help them develop new electric power resources and enhance existing operations.

Essential solutions for public power providers:

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