US Modernization solutions for LV AC drives

Bringing drive technology up-to-date

The ABB LV AC Drive Modernization is a fast and effective way to upgrade installed drives with new technology, bringing immediate performance improvements to a plant or process. With the modernization solutions, old generation drives, such as Sami Star, ACV700 and ACS600 Multi-drive and single drive cabinets can easily be modernized to the latest ACS880 technology.


  • Gradual modernization - If you have a large base of installed drives, the ABB drive modernization can be implemented in phases to avoid lengthy shutdowns.
  • Optimizing planned downtime - The ABB LV AC drive modernization service can be carried out in line with your own production schedules to minimize the interruption to operations.
  • Rapid deployment - ABB-certified engineers are trained and available to carry out retrofits rapidly. 
  • Reduced wastage and investment - By re-using the existing drive’s cabinet, cables and motors, the Retrofit service helps you retain more of your original investment and modernize more efficiently.

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