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All press releases and blog posts - also past issues - can be found at any time in our news archive.


2016-09-22, blog: Wind power demands

2016-09-14, blog: Enabling ancillary services from wind farms

2016-09-08, blog: Arc Guard protection minimizes downtime in wind turbines

2016-08-31, webinar: Large scale wind integration – case study

2016-08-30, blog: China: the new leader in offshore wind?

2016-08-25, news: ABB to provide wireless network for highest capacity onshore wind farm in the UK

2016-08-16, article: Several wind companies make the cut for Clean200 List

2016-07-08, blog: Horizon 2020 – Advancing tidal power

2016-06-28, blog: Helping to deliver Egypt’s renewable energy vision

2016-06-14, dry-type transformers: Expanding wind power generation in India

2016-06-06, blog: Wind generation pushes limits in extreme locations

2016-05-04, news: ABB to supply special transformers for the world’s most powerful wind turbines

2016-04-29, blog, ABB solutions keep wind power energy costs competitive

2016-04-18, interactive presentation: How ABB supports electricity grids as wind power reaches new heights

2016-04-05, news: ABB wins $80 million order to connect new offshore windfarm tothe Belgian grid

2016-03-31, news: ABB wins order of more than $250 million to connect the world’s largest offshore wind farm to UK grid

2016-03-14, news: ABB helps implement special power protection and isolation in unit substations for onshore wind farms

2016-03-10, news: ABB wins $140 million order to boost integration of renewables in Europe

2016-03-02, white paper: Integrating high levels of renewables into microgrids: Opportunities, Challenges and strategies

2016-02-22, news: Preparing for the future by maximizing the assets of today

2016-01-20, EWEA video: Wind energy at the top of the EU policy agenda

2016-01-06, ABB review: Changing wind: New technologies for wind-turbine and wind-farm control

2015-12-17, video: Wind Retrofit services - a new lease of life for aging wind turbines

2015-12-16, technical paper: Holistic ABB renewable transformer design prevents future instabilities

2015-12-09, feature article: Power Engineering Intl visited ABB's electrical drivetrain testing center in helsinki

2015-12-02, news: ABB technology experts lend their support to the wind industry at the EWEA 2015 in Paris, France

2015-12-01, microsite: ABB at COP21: supporting action to tackle climate change

2015-11-25, feature article: Turbine transformation – a new lease of life for ageing wind turbines

2015-11-16, blog: Low or medium voltage wind turbine converters?

2015-11-13, event page: Solutions COP21 in Paris, France, December 04-10, 2015

2015-11-02, feature article: First drive train test lab to create real network conditions

2015-10-29, blog: Unique facility puts wind turbine drivetrain packages to the test under real world operating conditions

2015-10-28, brochure (PDF, 2.3KB): ABB Wind Retrofit - A new lease of life for aging wind turbines

2015-10-19, blog: Wind power supporting the grid at EWEA 2015

2015-10-05, feature article: How forecasting and scheduling technology helps leverage the growing resource of wind

2015-02-10, press release: ABB wins $100 million subsea cable system order for Denmark's largest offshore wind farm

2015-09-24, blog: Lowering the levelized cost of energy of your wind farm

2015-09-22, feature article: Wind turbine manufacturers consider new drivetrain technology

2015-09-03, news: ABB to install microgrid solution in South Africa integrating multiple energy sources

2015-09-02, news:  ABB microgrid solution to boost renewable energy use by remote community in Kenya

2015-08-26, interview: Technology transformation reinforces China's wind of change

2015-08-10, news: ABB installs world's most powerful offshore converter platform in the North Sea

2015-08-04, feature article: Challenges for large integration of renewables in the grid (p. 9-19)

2015-08-03, news: DolWin beta on the move: Giant DolWin beta converter platform sets sail for final destination

2015-07-23, blog: Monitor, collect, decide: SCADA in renewable generation

2015-07-08, news: ABB to enable integration of French offshore wind parks

2015-07-02, blog: What are the roadblocks to more renewables?

2015-06-03, news: ABB wins large order to provide power infrastructure for new UK wind farm

2015-06-01, blog: Expert advice for American developers at this month’s Windpower event in Orlando

2015-05-28, ABB Review: Wind window - an effective user interface for wind farm operations

2015-05-26, blog: Renewable energy storage is the solution both in the air and on the ground

2015-05-18, news: ABB highlights wind farm technology breakthroughs at AWEA Windpower 2015

2015-05-07, news: Smart Grid in Gotland to integrate more renewable energy and improve power quality

2015-03-28, news: ABB to Service Lynn and Inner Dowsing Offshore Wind Farm

2015-03-30, blog: Grid integration key to Turkey’s wind power success

2015-03-19, news: ABB wins $900 million order to connect Norwegian and German power grids

2015-03-12, press release: ABB wins cable system order for one of the world’s biggest wind farms

2015-03-01, feature article: Renewables are pointing the way towards Electricity 2.0

2015-02-25, blog: How to increase wind turbine uptime

2015-02-12, press release: ABB wins $35 million order to strengthen power grid and boost wind energy in Belgium

2015-02-10, press release: ABB wins $100 million subsea cable system order for Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm

2015-02-05, press release: ABB wins transformer order for South Africa’s expanding electric rail fleet

2015-01-12, press release: ABB sets world record in HVDC Light  voltage level

2015-01-07, feature article: ABB expands three 420 kV substations in Norway to improve reliability of power supplies

2014-11-17, blog post: A better structure for effective wind farm management

2014-11-13, blog post: Wind Turbines: A tall service order to fill

2014-11-03, blog post: Wind power in China: new opportunities in a transforming market

2014-11-10, conference: 13th Wind Integration Workshop

2014-10-28, press release: ABB to provide cable solution for offshore wind connection in Germany

2014-10-21, press release: ABB’s new doubly-fed wind generators enable higher system efficiencies

2014-10-20, press release: ABB partners with Vestas to electrify off-grid communities in Africa

2014-09-12, press release: ABB to enable integration of renewables in Alaskan island microgrid

2014-09-12, blog post: Collect and Connect

2014-09-10, press release: U.S. has sufficient resources, technology to support over 54 gigawatts of Offshore Wind, NOWEGIS study concludes

2014-09-09, press release: ABB wins $800 million order for Scotland’s Caithness-Moray subsea power link

2014-09-08, blog post: How to integrate wind into a microgrid

2014-09-04, feature article: Integrating wind energy into the Turkish power grid

2014-09-04, press release: U.S. has sufficient resources, technology to support over 54 gigawatts of Offshore Wind, NOWEGIS study concludes

2014-08-26, webinars: Best practices for high-performing wind farms webinar series

2014-08-21, press release: ABB launches world´s most powerful underground and subsea power transmission cable system

2014-08-18, press release: ABB to provide UK grid connection for Europe’s largest tidal energy project

2014-08-05, blog post: For best results, shift focus

2014-07-09, ABB awarded $400 million order for Maritime Link power project in Canada

2014-06-26, blog post: What to expect in wind power

2014-05-07, press release: New Grid Monitoring Relay for wind turbine power connection to grid

2014-05-06, press release: ABB microgrids to stabilize power grid, increase renewables for Alaska island

2014-04-04, press release: ABB wins $40 million order to provide cable link for offshore wind farm

2014-03-04, press release: ABB expands doubly-fed generator family to cover powers over 3 MW

2014-03-03, press release: Next generation of low voltage wind turbine converters

2014-02-27, press release: ABB opens fifth factory in Brazil in $200-million expansion plan

2014-01-23, video: The wind economy and ABB's wind power solutions