We make complex tasks scalable and highly flexible

ABB Ability™ OPTIMAX® for industrial and commercial facilities


OPTIMAX® is scalable and highly flexible energy management system, which can be easily integrated into existing and complex infrastructures to sustainably improve energy efficiency at industrial sites, and also ensures a significant increase in energy efficiency in Smart Buildings, Smart Transportation and Smart Homes. The system helps to reduce CO2 emissions and lower energy costs.


As a technology leader for digital industries, ABB has created the basis for the effective acceleration of the energy transition with a comprehensive, visionary concept. At our site in Luedenscheid, Germany, we demonstrate that the energy transition for industrial sites can be designed with leading-edge technologies from a single source, controlled by the OPTIMAX® Energy Management System for industrial and commercial buildings.

A system that learns, for every area
OPTIMAX® from ABB’s Ability™ Site Suite is the heart of ABB’s new digital solution for smarter and sustainable energy management. OPTIMAX® adapts to individual requirements - from smart homes to smart farms and medium-sized businesses to large industrial sites and even entire cities.

The software is easy to implement and can even be adapted to international power grids and energy markets. OPTIMAX® manages all elements of the grid, from energy generation and energy storage adapted to consumption requirements to energy distribution, building automation, energy services and the optimal marketing of energy. As an energy management system that learns from operating data, OPTIMAX® continuously improves energy efficiency and operates largely autonomously.

Optimum control, overview and monitoring
The worldwide leading and field-proven OPTIMAX® offers the best possible control of all energy management components. In addition, all energy flows can be mapped and controlled. The advantages are clear: system users gain better insight into energy costs and energy consumption by automatically measuring, monitoring and controlling with the software.  

OPTIMAX® offers day-ahead optimization based on weather and load forecasts. The integration of artificial intelligence improves the predictions both for energy consumption and for the generation of energy by, for example, photovoltaic or wind power plants. This allows users to reduce the impact on the environment and lower their energy costs.

By combining scattered industrial sites into an energy pool, OPTIMAX® enables operators to make a comprehensive assessment of energy consumption. This leads to advantages when purchasing energy and to optimal marketing of flexibilities. The energy management system coordinates and connects a large number of decentralized plants of different sizes and types. It optimizes the operation of each connected unit with foresight and in real-time. 

In summary: OPTIMAX® makes energy flows transparent, more controllable and optimally managed. This results in greater convenience and safety while simultaneously reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.